Electronic Kits and Modules Documentation You can download the documentation supplied with most of our electronic kits and projects here. Please also see individual product pages for pdf document links.
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Electronic Kit Documentation Downloads

Download PDF ReaderYou can view the documentation supplied with most of our electronic kits and projects here. Please also see individual product pages for pdf document links.

If you do not have a PDF reader installed we recommend the free software Foxit Reader.

PDF files are not available for all kits but we are working on it!

Smart Kit Range Documentation
Product CodeDescription
1003Electronic Siren 5 Watt
1006Music to Light Effect Electronic Kit - 800 Watt
1007Stabilised Power Supply Electronic Kit 3-30V/2.5A
1008AF Function Generator
10105 Inputs Stereo Mixer
1011Motorbike Alarm Electronic Kit
1012Summer Reverberation
10143 Channel Wireless Light Modulator
1015Electronic Mosquito Repeller Electronic Kit
1016Loudspeaker Protection Unit
1018Guitar Tremolo
1019Car Alarm System Electronic Kit
10200 to 5 Minute Mains Timer Switch Electronic Kit
1023RIAA Dynamic Head Preamplifier
1024Microphone Preamplifier Electronic Kit
1026Running Lights Effect Electronic Kit
1029Police Sounds Electronic Siren Driver Electronic Kit
1032Stereo Tone Controls
1034Car Battery Checker Electronic Kit
1035Sci-fi Sound Effects Electronic Kit
1037Disco Strobe Light
1038AM - FM Aerial Amplifier Electronic Kit
1043Stereo Loudness Unit Electronic Kit
1044Graphic Equalizer
1045Sound Effects Generator Electronic Kit
10462 x 25W Car Booster Amplifier Electronic Kit
1048Electronic Thermostat Electronic Kit
10503 Input Hi-Fi Preamplifier
10523-Input Mono Mixer
1053Electronic Metronome Electronic Kit
10544 Input Instrument Mixer
1056Stabilised Heavy Duty RF Power Supply Electronic Kit 8-20Vdc/8A
1057Cassette Head Preamplifier
1058Car Electronic Ignition
1061Stabilised Power Supply Electronic Kit 12V/0.5A
1068Power Supply Electronic Kit 18Vdc/0.5A
106912Vdc Fluorescence Light Driver
1070Hi-Fi Preamplifier
1072Automatic Mains Light Switch
1074Drill Speed Controller
1076Mains Powered Electronic Thermostat Switch Electronic Kit
1080Liquid Level Sensor / Rain Alarm
1084TV Line Amplifier
1085DC Converter Electronic Kit - 12Vac/DC to 6/7.5/9V DC
1086In-Car Music to Light Modulator Electronic Kit
1090Stress Meter
1091Guitar Preamp with Tone Controls
1092In-Car Ioniser
1093Windscreen Wiper Speed Controller Electronic Kit
1095Lead-Acid Battery Charger Electronic Kit
1096Stabilised Power Supply Electronic Kit 2-30Vdc/5A
1097Car Interference Suppressor (Assembled PCB)
1112Loudspeaker Protection with Delay Electronic Kit
11132 x 18W Hi-Fi Amplifier
1115Car Courtesy Light Extender Electronic Kit
1117TV Pattern Generator
1122Telephone Call Relay Electronic Kit
1123Morse Code Generator Electronic Kit
11263 Input Microphone Preamplifier
1127Tone Controls For Kit 1126
1130Telephone Bug Detector
1131Robot Voice Effect
1132Super 3-Channel Wireless Light Modulator
1133Stereo Sound to Light Modulator
1138Stabilised Power Supply with Current Control Electronic Kit 0-30Vdc/3A
1167Telephone Lines Priority Switch
1169Power Supply Electronic Kit 3-4.5-6-9-12Vdc/1.5A
1171RFI Power Supply Electronic Kit 12-14vDC/3A
1173Digital Countdown Timer Electronic Kit (99 Minute)
118024 Hour Clock/Time Switch (2 Outputs)
11868 Channel Telephone Activated Relay Board
1193Super Microphone Preamplifier Electronic Kit
Quasar Electronic Kits Range Documenation
Product CodeDescription
3001Three Digit LED Event Counter
3002Digital LCD Thermometer
3003LED Dice With Slowdown

Fixed & Variable Output Regulated Power Supply Module

3005Stairway To Heaven Game
3006Roulette LED Electronic Kit
30073V FM Transmitter
3008Light Alarm
3009Multi-Vibrator Building Blocks
3010Touch Pad/Contact Switch Relay Controller
3012Audio-To-Light Modulator
3013TRVS - Tape Recorder Voice Switch
3014-110VMains Powered Strobe Light Electronic Kit - 110Vac version
3014-0VMains Powered Strobe Light Electronic Kit - 230Vac version
3016MTTX - Miniature Telephone Transmitter
3017LM386 Audio Amplifier Module
3018MRTX - Miniature 9V Room Transmitter
3020Movement Detector
3021Two Station Intercom
3023Op-Amp Function Generator
3024Logic Probe
3025Mains Timer (200/240V)
3026Fibre Optic Audio Link
3027TDA7052 1W Amplifier Module
3028Voice Activated FM Transmitter
3029Electronic Combination Lock
3030PIR Movement Detector Documentation
3030RB200B PIR Sensor Datasheet
3030Fresnel Lens Datasheet
3030KC778B Movement Detector IC Datasheet
3030LDR CdS Sensor Datasheet
30319V "Air Raid" Siren
3032Two Stage FM Transmitter
3033Tape Recorder Switch for Telephone
3034Digital LCD Voltage/Current/Resistance Meter
3037MMulti-Sequence LED Flasher
8043SPDT Relay Board
3044Logic Activated Relay Board
8045Twin 1A SPDT Relay Board
3046LED Christmas Star
3047LM383 Amplifier Module
3048Introduction To Power Audio Amplifiers
3049Crystal Locked Ultrasonic Movement Detector
305025W Amplifier Module
3051UMTX - Ultra Miniature FM Room Transmitter
3052MCOB 5 LED Random Sequence Flasher
3055Suction Cup Telephone Pickup
3056Discontinued - See 3153
3058IR Remote Toggle Switch
3059Motorola MC68HC705P9 Programmer
30605-24Vdc/1A Regulated Fixed Power Supply
30613 1/2 Digit LED Panel Meter (using 7107)
3063One chip AM radio
3067DC Motor Speed Controller
30681.5-30Vdc/1.5A Regulated Variable Power Supply
3069Single LED Dice (PIC 16C54)
3071Dual LED Dice (PIC 16C54)
3074PC Printer Port Relay Board
3075PIC Micro controller Experimenters Board
3076PIR Detector Module (assembled & tested)
3079Three-In-One LDR circuits (separate PCB's)
3081Entry Level PIC Programmer
3083Universal Power Supply
3085Three-In-One Timer circuits (on separate PCB's)
30871W Stereo Amplifier Module
308810W + 10W Stereo Amplifier Module
3088Spec Sheet - TDA2009A
3089Stereo VU Meter
30903W+3W Stereo Amplifier Module
3090Spec Sheet - BA5406
3092Remote Control and Decoder IC
80972W Amplifier Module (LM380)
3098Preamplifier Module
3100Stereo Preamplifier with Tone Controls
3102Four Servo Motor Driver
3104Electronic Music Box Engine
310518W BTL Audio Power Amplifier
310650W Amplifier Module (TDA7294)
3106Spec Sheet - TDA7294 IC
31071W Stereo Amplifier Module (TDA7053)
31088-Channel RS232 Serial Relay Controller Isolated IO Board
3110Continuity Tester
3111Square Wave Oscillator (LN/NE555)
3112Pocket Data Logger/Sampler
3112Word 6 Documentation and Test Files, Mar 98
3112W9x Software Documentation, Oct 99
3113PC Based Dual Stepper Motor Driver
3113Spec Sheet - UCN5804B Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver IC
3114Dual Unregulated Power Supply for Audio Power Amplifiers
31152 Watt Stereo Amplifier
311812-bit Data Acquisition Unit, Original Documentation
311812-bit Data Acquisition Unit, Nov 99
3118W9x Software Documentation, Oct 99
3122ADT90S4434/8535 Adaptor Board for Kit 3122
3123ATMEL 8051 (89 Series) Programmer
3124Positive Adjustable Power Supply Module
3125Negative Adjustable Power Supply Module
3126Sound Activated Relay Switch
31273 1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter
3128Please refer to documentation supplied with product
31294 Digit Up/Down Counter
3130IR Security Beam
313312Vdc PIR Motion Detector Module
3134Introduction to LCD's and more
3135Step-Up 12Vdc to 16.5Vdc Converter
3136LED Flashing Heart
3137Relay Touch Switch
3138Two LED Flasher
31391W Stereo Amplifier Module with DC Volume Control
3140DTMF Telephone Relay Switcher
3141-HPMulti-Mode Universal Timer
314212-Channel IR Relay Board
31436-10W Stereo Amplifier Module (TDA2005)
3145Computer Temperature Data Logger
31484-Digit Timer Board (6 optional functions)
3149Please refer to documentation supplied with product
3150Please refer to documentation supplied with product
3151EEPROM Programmer
3152How to Connect 2 kit 3152 Together
3153Audio DTMF Tone Decoder & Display with RS232 Output
3154Four Digit Presettable Down Counter
3156Dual Hi/Lo Switched Relay Board
31572-Channel Rolling Code UHF Remote Control (with Reset)
31626Vdc Xenon Flasher
316312Vdc Xenon Flasher
3164Telephone Call Logger with Serial Port Output
31658-Channel PC Controlled Relay Board with Enclosure
3166Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller
3167250mW Mono FM Transmitter
3168EPE Ultrasonic Wind Speed Meter
3169Versatile PIC Controlled LED Flasher
3172Wide Band Synthesised FM Transmitter
3173Serial Input RF Computer Data Link Transmitter
3174Serial Output RF Computer Data Link Receiver
3175Parallel Input RF Computer Data Link Transmitter
3176Parallel Output RF Computer Data Link Receiver
3179PC / Standalone Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver
31804-channel Rolling Code UHF Remote Control
318110-channel Rolling Code UHF Remote Control
3186±45Vdc/5A Dual Polarity Amplifier Power Supply
3187Bipolar Stepper Motor Chopper Driver
318840 Second Message Recorder (ISD1740)
3189120 Second Message Recorder (ISD17120)
31904-Channel Temperature Monitor & Control Relay Board
8191RGB LED Controller with Serial Interface
30A16434MHz RF Transmitter & Receiver Units
30A17RF Transmitter & Receiver Units
SX - Single Board Computer Series
Product CodeDescription
SC03Relay Board Kit for SCI
SC048x8 Display Board for SCI
SC13Relay Board Upgrade for SCI
SC21Relay Board Kit (8 Relays)
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