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Electronic Kits & Modules - New Products & Special Offers

Velleman MK100B - Blue LED Electronic Christmas Tree Kit

MK100B BLUE LED Electronic Christmas Tree electronic construction mini kit is a fun, educational and makes an ideal beginners project...

Buy 1-9: £5.99 Exc VAT, £7.19 Inc VAT Each
Buy 10-29: £5.09 Exc VAT, £6.11 Inc VAT Each
Buy 30+: £4.79 Exc VAT, £5.75 Inc VAT Each
Velleman K/RCQC2 - DIY Drone / Mini Quadcopter Kit

Make your own mini drone / quadcopter plus its transmitter and learn how to fly thanks to this DIY kit! 5 - 7 minutes flight time. Maximum distance of 30m. High performance lithium-polymer battery included...

£28.21 Exc VAT, £33.85 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman MKSET1 - MiniKit Starter Set 1

A great selection of 6 fun and educational electronic kits for the budding electronics enthusiast. All require soldering. Includes 2 flashing LED kits, electronic dice, a siren generator, IR light barrier and running microbug...

£29.96 Exc VAT, £35.95 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
AS3148T2KT - 4 Digit Stopwatch Timer Board with Pause (99H 59M 59.99S)

4-digit stopwatch timer board with Start, Pause, Stop, Display Toggle and Reset functions. Displays time elapsed in Seconds and Hundredths plus Hours and Minutes on the minute for 1 second. 20mS output pulse on the minute. Maximum time 99H 59M 59.99S...

£21.63 From £19.96 Exc VAT, £23.95 Inc VAT (Save 8%)

Electronics Project Labs - Special Offers

Maxtronix MX-201 - Amazing Electrical Connections Kit

Learn and build your own simple electrical cicuits with this self contained kit. Solderless connections for safe, clean assembly...

£4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Maxtronix MX-510G - Electronic Generator Action Kit

Build your own generator kit. Discover how to use a generator to produce electricity and make things work...

£9.96 £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT (Save 17%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
EPLJE - Junior Electrics Electronic Project Lab Kit (MX-801E)

The Junior Electrics Electronic Project Lab Kit makes a great introduction to the world of electrics and electronics and an ideal present for the budding electronics expert! This project lab teaches the elementary concepts behind electrical and electronic circuits...

£9.13 Exc VAT, £10.96 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Maxtronix MX-510M - Electronic Motor Action Kit

Using this easy to assemble kit you can produce a simple electric motor. The assembly is totally safe, using solderless connections and includes a colour disc to produce colour mixing with the motor...

£9.96 £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT (Save 17%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)

Popular Items - Special Offers

128.553UK - AVlink Audio/Video Input Selector 3 Way - Blue

This compact box allows easy connection of up to three input sources for both video and stereo audio to one input source such as a TV or video/DVD-R...

£8.18 £4.07 Exc VAT, £4.88 Inc VAT (Save 50%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
KSR11 - 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot Kit

The 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot is a multi-function tracked mobile robot. Use different track modules to transform your robot into 3 amazing models: Forklift, Rover and Gripper...

£28.67 Exc VAT, £34.40 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
DVR8100EV - Image Recording Module with EV Board and Cables

This image recording module is a standard module which can be designed for various applications by firmware change. We will provide some standard firmware but also help customer making his own application...

£83.29 £39.95 Exc VAT, £47.94 Inc VAT (Save 52%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
AV:Link 128.810UK - 1 X 4 HDMI Over Cat5 30m Transmitter

This unit transmits HDMI signals to multiple receiver units using Cat5e/6 STP/FTP cable, up to a distance of 30.0m without signal loss...

£158.40 £149.96 Exc VAT, £179.95 Inc VAT (Save 5%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)

Tools & Test Equipment - Special Offers

Velleman PCGU1000 - 2MHz USB PC Function Generator

Digital function generator which can be connected with a PC via USB. Standard signal waves like e.g. sine, triangle and rectangle are available; other sine waves can be easily created...

£134.96 Exc VAT, £161.95 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman HPS140MK2 - Handheld Pocket Scope 40MS/s

Do not let its size fool you! HPS140MK2 Handheld Pocket Scope 40MS/s with probe included packs a lot of power in a tiny box. Now you can really take a powerful oscilloscope everywhere...

£99.95 Exc VAT, £119.94 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman HPG1MK2 - 1MHz Pocket Function Generator

Powerful, pocket size complete function generator ideal for test and service engineers who need to measure test signals whenever, wherever! Clear OLED screen. On-screen menus to set output voltage or frequency and one of the three signal waveforms. Powerful sweep function...

£86.00 Exc VAT, £103.20 Inc VAT
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman PCSGU250 - PC USB Oscilloscope and Function Generator

Feature-packed PCSGU250 hardware and PCLab200 software for two channel oscilloscope, function generator, spectrum analyzer, transient recorder and Bode plotter...

£129.36 £112.99 Exc VAT, £135.59 Inc VAT (Save 13%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)

Gift Ideas - Special Offers

AS1173KT - Digital Countdown Timer (99 Minutes or 999.9 Seconds)

A simple to use but useful countdown timer with digital display and two independent relay outputs. The circuit is based on the PIC16C54 to ensure accuracy and reliability...

£45.79 From £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT (Save 45%)
1007KT - Stabilised Variable Power Supply Kit, 3-30Vdc, 2.5A

A good quality and reliable variable voltage, stabilised power supply that is ideal for the hobbyist or professional laboratory. The kit features short circuit protection, variable DC voltages from 3-30V and a rated output of 2.5 Amps which is sufficient for most applications...

£21.63 £14.96 Exc VAT, £17.95 Inc VAT (Save 31%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
AS1046KT - 25W + 25W Stereo Car Audio Booster Amplifier (TDA1515)

This well designed stereo power amplifier can be used to boost the output of an existing car audio system...

£29.13 From £16.63 Exc VAT, £19.96 Inc VAT (Save 43%)
AS1199KT - 200 Watt Hi-Fi Amplifier, Mono or Stereo (2N3055)

Based on a tried, tested and reliable design using 2N3055 transistors. Relay soft start delay circuitry and current limiting for loudspeaker protection. Easy bias adjustment with the help of two LEDs...

£74.96 From £54.13 Exc VAT, £64.96 Inc VAT (Save 28%)
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With over 20 years experience and nearly 1000 electronic kit and module circuit designs from leading manufacturers including Velleman & Cebek we offer practical solutions to your industrial, educational and hobby electronic projects.

We are the UKs largest specialist supplier of electronic kits and projects with hundreds of circuit board designs to suit a huge variety of industrial, professional, educational and hobby applications. From electronic starter kits and project labs for kids to hi-fi quality valve audio amplifier kits for audiophiles and industrial controller boards for commercial applications - motor speed controllers, sound recorders modules, PIC programmers, message displays, light effects, delay timers, event counters and much more...

We are official distributor stockists for Velleman, Cebek, Smart Electronics and Quasar Electronics. We have thousands of new electrical equipment and hardware products by Adastra, AV:Link, Chord, Citronics, Mercury and QTX including power supplies, inverters, cables, leads, components, connectors, board cameras, speakers, tools, soldering irons, multimeters, function generators and oscilloscopes to mention just a few.

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