Electronic Modules Information Pre-assembled electronic modules are normally supplied as pictured. You simple need to make the necessary connections.
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Electronic Modules General Information

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PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Modules

Pre-assembled electronic modules are normally supplied as per the product picture.

You will still need to make any external connections that are required to the board i.e. power supply, audio inputs and outputs, computer leads, motors, lights, etc.


You might want to put the module into an enclosure. A suitable isolating enclosure is essential where mains voltages are present (see Mains Electricity section below).

Some electronic modules include an enclosure and others are available as an optional extra (see product page for details). Please refer to the Technical Specifications table to see if an appropriate size enclosure is available.

Please note that additional items like connection wires, connectors, screws, lamps, switches, etc. must be supplied by the user. It may also be necessary to drill holes for switches, ventilation, etc.

DIN-Rail Mountings

DIN-Rail mountings are available for some modules. Please refer to the product page Technical Specifications table to see if an appropriate size mounting is available.

Mains Electricity

WARNING: Some kits and modules operate at mains voltage and present an electric shock hazard that can cause severe and permanent injury or even death.

Modules connected to 110-240Vac mains voltages must be treated with extreme caution.

Construction, installation, testing and commissioning should only be performed by a competent person. These products are not suitable for children.

The following information provides general guidance on electrical safety but it is in no way complete.

Make sure installation complies with local regulations.

Many areas of the assembly (including heatsinks) may operate at mains voltage so it must be fitted into a suitable isolating enclosure.

Most mains modules require some additional components like mains leads, plugs, fuses, etc. Isolating enclosures are available for some of these modules. Where these are not available, you will need to provide your own enclosure and hardware.

To ensure electrical safety, and also protection from fire or personal injury, male sure your mains operated equipment complies with these safety hints:

  • Use a suitable isolating enclosure.
  • Use a power switch if the device consumes more than 10W. Use a double pole switch for mains operated, transformer-less kits.
  • Mount a fuse in series with the mains switch. Use a slow blow (T) 50mA fuse for transformers up to 10W and a 100mA fuse for transformers up to 20W.
  • Use a mains input connector, or a robust power cord with a clamp.
  • Internal wiring carrying mains voltages must have a minimum cross-sectional area of 0.5mm2.
Other Hazards to bear in mind
  • Electrical faults which could cause fire
  • Fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere

We accept no responsibility for injury, loss, or damage of any kind as a result of the purchase, assembly or use of any of our products.


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