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QUASAR Kits - Modules
QUASAR Kits - Modules

Numerical index of Quasar Electronics range of electronic kits, projects and modules.

We stock a very wide range of different electronic kit circuit designs offering practical solutions for your industrial, educational and hobby electronic needs. We offer economy and express shipping options to any destination worldwide together with fast despatch from our UK based warehouse.

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AS3001BKT - 3 Digit LED Event Counter Kit (with Box)

Low cost 3 digit LED event counter kit. Suitable for a wide variety of event counting applications...

£27.46 +VAT, £32.95 Inc
3002BKT - LCD Digital Temperature Meter Kit

Build an 3 1/2 digit LCD display digital temperature meter kit suitable for measuring temperatures from -30 to +125C...

£19.13 +VAT, £22.96 Inc
Out Of Stock
AS3003BKT - Super LED Electronic Dice Kit with Slowdown (With Box)

LED Dice is the classic electronic project that never loses its popularity...

£9.13 From £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 27%)
AS3004BKT - 5Vdc and 5-33Vdc Variable Regulated Power Supply Kit

Hobby power supply. Provides two regulated DC outputs. Fixed +5V for TTL use and a variable 5 - 33V output...

£10.79 From £9.17 +VAT, £11.00 Inc (Save 15%)
AS3005BKT - Stairway To Heaven Electronic Kit (with Box)

This game of skill will test your hand-eye co-ordination. Practice at home, then thrash the pants off your mates! ...

£10.79 From £8.63 +VAT, £10.36 Inc (Save 20%)
AS3006KT - LED Roulette Wheel Electronic Kit

A great introduction to gambling ...err, electronics!! 10 LEDs simulate ball rolling round the wheel...

From £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc
AS3007KT - Miniature 3V FM Room Transmitter

2-transistor 3V surveillance bug. Exceptionally clear and stable performance given its low price and simplicity...

£7.46 From £5.97 +VAT, £7.16 Inc (Save 20%)
AS3009KT - Introduction to Oscillators Electronic Kit

Educational kit will teach you how to build, understand and experiment with various types of electronic oscillators...

£9.96 From £8.29 +VAT, £9.95 Inc (Save 17%)
AS3010KT - Touch/Contact Latching Switch Kit

With this kit you can build either a Touch Plate (single contact plate) or Contact Switch (two contact plates). 12Vdc operation. SPDT relay output...

£7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc
AS3012KT - Audio-To-Light Modulator Kit (110-230Vac)

Make your your own simple disco lights that pulsate to the music's beat. The circuit uses an audio input to modulate the intensity of one or more lights...

From £10.79 +VAT, £12.95 Inc
AS3013KT - TRVS Tape Recorder Vox Switch

Automatically operates a standard tape recorder whenever it detects sound in the target area so that all conversations are recorded...

£9.13 From £7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc (Save 18%)
3014-110VKT - Mains Powered Strobe Light Kit (110Vac)

Build your own ultra bright mains powered flashing strobe light module...

£14.13 £9.96 +VAT, £11.95 Inc (Save 30%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
AS3016KT - MTTX Miniature FM Telephone Transmitter

Attach the MTTX anywhere along a phone line (a simple job that takes just 5 minutes). You then tune an FM radio into the signal...

£7.46 From £5.97 +VAT, £7.16 Inc (Save 20%)
AS3017KT - 1W Mono Audio Amplifier with Volume Control (LM386N)

Small, battery powered, variable gain 1W LM386N IC based mono audio amplifier module. Volume control. Gain Jumper (20 or 200). 4-12Vdc. 4-8 Ohm. Low THD...

Buy 1-4: £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc Each
Buy 5-19: £5.63 +VAT, £6.76 Inc Each
Buy 20+: £5.30 +VAT, £6.36 Inc Each
AS3018KT - MRTX Miniature 9V FM Room Transmitter

Powerful low cost miniature FM transmitter surveillance bug. Good range and stability. Sensitive onboard mic. 9V PP3 battery powered. 75-108MHz...

£7.46 From £5.97 +VAT, £7.16 Inc (Save 20%)
AS3020KT - Crystal Locked Ultrasonic Motion Detector Mk1

Ideal for monitoring door opening or movement past a point. Uses a matched pair of transmitter/ receiver transducers operating at 40KHz to reliably detect movement 3 - 7 metres away...

£28.29 £19.96 +VAT, £23.95 Inc (Save 29%)
AS3021KT - Two Station Intercom / Hard Wired Bug Kit

Kit contains all the parts needed to build a two-station intercom using a two-wire connection system...

£14.96 From £12.46 +VAT, £14.95 Inc (Save 17%)
Out Of Stock
AS3023KT - LM348 Opamp AF Function Generator Kit

Function generators are used as a fault finding tool on audio amplifiers etc. by feeding them a waveform of known shape, amplitude and frequency...

Buy 1-4: £7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc Each
Buy 5+: £7.05 +VAT, £8.46 Inc Each
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