Component Datasheets for our Range of Kits Component datasheets and other useful data for components used in our range of electronic kits and projects
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Component Datasheets for Quasar Electronics Kits Range

Most data sheets are in PDF format and you will need a copy of a PDF file reader like Foxit or Adobe Acrobat to view most of the links below. This viewer can be downloaded free of charge. External links open in a new browser tab.

Order CodeDescription
1091TL082 Datasheet
1113TDA2030 Datasheet
30A16AN662 Datasheet
30A16AN665 Datasheet
30A16AUTOMICRO Datasheet
30B0616x2 LCD Backlit Alphanumeric Display Module Datasheet
30027106 IC Datasheet
30027106 IC Application Notes Datasheet
3002VI302-DP-RC LCD Datasheet
30034017 IC Datasheet
3004AN103 Datasheet
3004SAN103 Datasheet
3009BC547 Datasheet
3017LM386 Datasheet
3027TDA7052 IC Datasheet
3030KC778B Movement Detector IC Datasheet
3030RE200B PIR Sensor Datasheet
3030LDR CdS Sensor Datasheet
3030Fresnel Lens Datasheet
30347106 IC Datasheet
30347106 IC Application Notes Datasheet
3034VI302-DP-RC LCD Datasheet
3047TDA2003 Datasheet
3050LM1875 Datasheet
30617106 IC Datasheet
30617106 IC Application Notes Datasheet
3062RE200B PIR Sensor Datasheet
3062KC778B Detector IC Datasheet
3062Fresnel Lens Datasheet
3063MK484 Datasheet
3074Spec Sheet - Goodsky RWH Relay Datasheet
3076RE200B PIR Sensor Datasheet
3076KC778B Detector IC Datasheet
3076Fresnel Lens Datasheet
3079CDS Datasheet
3082A588x Datasheet
3087KA2009 IC Datasheet
3088TDA2009A Datasheet
3090BA5406 Datasheet
3092Waitrony PIC1018SCL Datasheet
3094UCN5804B Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver IC Datasheet
3094Bourn Grey Switch Encoder Datasheet
8097LM380 Datasheet
3100TDA1524A IC Datasheet
3105HA13118 IC Datasheet
3106TDA7294 IC Datasheet
3107TDA7053 Datasheet
3113UCN5804B Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver IC Datasheet
3115LM386 Datasheet
31277106 IC Datasheet
31277106 IC Application Notes Datasheet
3127VI302-DP-RC LCD Datasheet
3130IR LED Transmitter Datasheet
3130IR Receiver Datasheet
3139TDA7053A Datasheet
3143TDA2005 Datasheet
3145DS18S20 Datasheet / DS1820 Datasheet
3148Open Collector Output FAQ Datasheet
3157AN662 Datasheet
3157AN665 Datasheet
3162CR02AM Datasheet
3162CR02AM8A Datasheet
3163SIDAC Datasheet
3163PCB-mounted Mini-transformer Datasheet (Order Code 3163-T1 Datasheet)
3180AN662 Datasheet
3180AN665 Datasheet
3180AUTOMICRO Datasheet
3181AN662 Datasheet
3181AN665 Datasheet
3181AUTOMICRO Datasheet
3181AZ Relay Datasheet
SC07Dallas Smart Socket DS1213B Datasheet
SC07Dallas Smart Socket DS1213C Datasheet
SC08DS1216C Dallas Smart Watch Datasheet
Open CollectorFAQ Sheet - Open Collector Outputs
SteppersFAQ File - Stepper Motors
WattsFAQ File - What's A Watts
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