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Velleman Whadda Electronic Kits & Modules - Lookup Table

Velleman Electronic Kits Part Number Lookup Table

Please Contact our Sales Team today for competitive pricing on bulk purchases or if you require Velleman electronic project kits, mini kits or electronic modules not listed below.

The table below lists all of the Velleman products that we currently supply. Just click on our Order Code to be taken to the product details.

We can supply any products in the Velleman catalogue not listed here on a short lead time (subject to availability). Please call us on 01279 467799 or Contact us with your requests.

All Velleman products are CE approved:

Whadda What? Whadda Who? Velleman is Changing to Whadda

Velleman is rebranding its well known and popular range of electronic kits and modules to Whadda - you can check out the full details here.

Along with a new look environmentally friendly packaging, the new Whadda brand uses slightly different product order codes. In most cases the numerical part of the order code is unchanged but the letters are different - see our Whadda / Velleman Order Code Transition Listing for details.

Velleman Kits (K) Range

Order CodeProduct Description
K1200DIY Electronic Watch KIT
K1201Velleman Watch Programming Cradle KIT
K1803Universal Mono Pre-Amplifier KIT
K1823Regulated Power Supply 1.5-35Vdc/1A KIT
K2400BBrightdot Clock Kit - BLACK Edition
K2543Electronic Transistor Ignition KIT
K2570Universal 5 - 14VDC Power Supply KIT
K2572Obsolete - Universal Stereo Pre-Amplifier KIT
K2573Stereo Pre-Amplifier for MD Pick-Ups KIT
K2579Universal Stop/Start Timer KIT
K2599Obsolete - Windshield Wiper, Robot or Interval Timer KIT
K2601Obsolete - Stroboscope KIT
K2604Police Siren KIT
K2622AM/FM Antenna Amplifier KIT
K2633Obsolete - Relay Card (4 Channel) KIT
K2634Quad Triac Switch Card KIT
K2636AC Motor Speed Controller KIT
K2639Liquid level Controller KIT
K2644Frost Indicator KIT
K3400Dual Electronic Dice KIT
K3502Obsolete - Parking Radar KIT
K3504Car Alarm KIT
K40017W Mono Audio Amplifier KIT
K40032 x 30W Audio Power Amplifier KIT
K4102Guitar Preamplifier with Headphone Output KIT
K4301Pink Noise Generator KIT
K4304Mono VU Meter 10 LEDs KIT
K4305Stereo VU Meter 2 x 10 LEDs KIT
K4306Obsolete - Precision Stereo VU Meter 2 x 15 LEDs KIT
K4307Obsolete - Audio Power Meter KIT
K4401Sound Generator KIT
K47002-Channel Loudspeaker Protection KIT
K5200Obsolete - 4-Channel Multi-Function Running Light KIT
K5203Obsolete - Dual Function Strobe KIT
K5600GObsolete - Advertisement LED Display (Green) KIT
K6001Temperature Sensor (for K6002) KIT
K6400Code Lock KIT
K6501Remote Control By Telephone KIT
K6600Obsolete - Multitone Chime KIT
K6712IR Remote Controlled Dimmer KIT
K6714Obsolete - Universal Relay Card (8 Relays) KIT
K6714-16Obsolete - Universal Relay Card (16 Relays) KIT
K7000Signal Tracer/Injector KIT
K7101Mains Voltage Detector KIT
K7102Metal Detector KIT
K72033-30V 3A Power Supply KIT
K7300Universal Battery Charger/Discharger KIT
K7302Obsolete - Low Cost Universal Battery Charger KIT
K8004DC To Pulse Width Modulator KIT
K8015Multifunction Relay Switch KIT
K8017Obsolete - 3-Channel Sound Light with Microphone KIT
K8018B3D Blue LED Cube (5x5x5) Kit
K8018W3D White LED Cube (5x5x5) Kit
K8019Proximity Card Reader with USB Interface Kit
K802310-Channel, 2-Wire Remote Control KIT
K8026Suppressed 3.5A Dimmer KIT
K8028Multifunction Dimmer KIT
K80324 channel Running Light KIT
K8035Multifunctional Up/Down Counter KIT
K8038Obsolete - Power Dimmer, Push-Button Controlled KIT
K80391 Channel DMX Controlled Power Dimmer KIT
K8041Fan Timer KIT
K8042Symmetric 1A Power Supply KIT
K804410-Channel Light Effect Generator KIT
K8045Programmable LCD Message Display Board Kit (Serial Interface, 8 Inputs)
K8047Obsolete - 4-Channel Recorder/Logger KIT
K804915-Channel IR Transmitter KIT
K8055NNEW! USB Experiment Interface Board KIT (New Version)
K80568-Channel Remote Relay Card KIT
K8057Obsolete - 2-Channel RF Remote Receiver With Random Code
K80588-Channel RF Remote Control KIT
K80592-Channel RF Code-Lock Remote Transmitter KIT
K8060Discrete Power Amplifier 200W KIT
K8062USB Controlled DMX Interface KIT
K8063Obsolete - 2 Modular Digits with Serial Interface KIT
K8064DC Controlled Dimmer KIT
K8065Pocket Audio Generator KIT
K8067Universal Temperature Sensor KIT
K8068Obsolete - Dimmer for Electronic Transformers KIT
K8071Obsolete - 1W/3W High Power LED Driver KIT
K8072DMX Controlled Relay KIT
K8074Obsolete - USB to RF Remote Control Transmitter
K8075Obsolete - Power Saver/Timer KIT
K8082Safe-Style Rotary Codelock KIT
K8084Volume and Tone Control Pre-Amplifier KIT
K8086Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output KIT
K8087Obsolete - Telephone Ring with Buzzer and LED KIT
K8088RGB Controller Kit
K808957mm 7-Segment Digital Clock Kit
K80908-Channel USB Relay Card Kit
K8093Home Alarm with Remote Control Kit
K8094Extended Sound Record/Playback KIT
K8095Obsolete - MP3 Player KIT
K8096Obsolete - 1 Channel USB Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver KIT
K8097Obsolete - 4 Channel USB Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver KIT
K8098Audio Analyser Kit
K8101USB Message Board Electronic Kit
K8115Component Tester Kit
K8118Stereo Ultrasonic Sound / Bat Detector Electronic Kit
K82003D Printer Kit
K8400Vertex 3D Printer Kit


Velleman Mini Kits (MK) Range

Order CodeProduct Description
MK100Electronic Christmas Tree Mini Kit
MK101Flashing LED Sweetheart Mini Kit
MK102Flashing LED's Mini Kit
MK103Sound to Light Mini Kit
MK105Signal Generator Mini Kit
MK106Metronome Mini Kit
MK107LED Running Light Mini Kit
MK108Water Alarm Mini Kit
MK109Electronic Dice Mini Kit
MK110Obsolete - Simple One Channel Light Organ Mini Kit
MK111Interval Timer Mini Kit
MK112Brain Game Mini Kit
MK113Siren Sound Generator Mini Kit
MK114Low Voltage Light Organ Mini Kit
MK115Pocket VU Meter Mini Kit
MK116Riding Santa Mini Kit
MK117Deluxe Xmas Tree Mini Kit
MK119Roulette Mini Kit
MK120IR Light Barrier Mini Kit
MK122Animated Bell with 83 LED's Mini Kit
MK123Rolling Clock Mini Kit
MK124Rolling Message Mini Kit
MK125Light Sensitive Switch Mini Kit
MK126Car Alarm Simulator Mini Kit
MK127Running MicroBug Mini Kit
MK128Kitchen Timer Mini Kit
MK129Crawling Microbug Mini Kit
MK1303D Xmas Tree Mini Kit
MK131Traffic Light Mini Kit
MK132Cable Polarity Checker Mini Kit
MK133Quiz Table Mini Kit
MK134Steam Engine Sound Generator Mini Kit
MK135Electronic Decision Maker Mini Kit
MK136Super Stereo Ear Mini Kit
MK137IR Remote Checker Mini Kit
MK138Thermostat Mini Kit
MK139Clap On/Off Switch Mini Kit
MK140Obsolete - Karaoke Mini Kit
MK141SMD Happy Face Mini Kit
MK142SMD Xmas Tree Mini Kit
MK143Obsolete - White LED Flashlight Mini Kit
MK144Flashing Heart Mini Kit
MK145Halloween Pumpkin Mini Kit
MK146Pocket VU Meter (with Enclosure) Mini Kit
MK147Dual White LED Stroboscope Mini Kit
MK148Dual Super Bright Flashing Red Lights Mini Kit
MK149Love Tester Mini Kit
MK150Shaking Dice Mini Kit
MK151Obsolete - Digital LED Clock Mini Kit
MK152Wheel of Fortune Mini Kit
MK153Obsolete - Jumbo Single Digit Clock Mini Kit
MK154Obsolete - 5 in 1 Emergency Tool Mini Kit
MK155Obsolete - Magic Message Mini Kit
MK157LCD Mini Message Board Mini Kit
MK158Obsolete - LCD Mini Message Board with Backlight & Box Mini Kit
MK159Brain Game (with Enclosure) Mini Kit
MK160Remote Control Via GSM Mobile Phone Mini Kit
MK1612-Channel IR Remote Receiver Mini Kit
MK1622-Channel IR Remote Transmitter Mini Kit
MK165Crawling Bug Mini Kit
MK166Animated Ghost Mini Kit
MK167Electronic Candle Mini Kit
MK168Alarm Sensor Simulator Mini Kit
MK169RFlashing LED Star (Red) Mini Kit
MK169YFlashing LED Star (Yellow) Mini Kit
MK17060 LED Multi-Effect Star Mini Kit
MK171Voice Changer Mini Kit
MK172Sound LED Star Mini Kit
MK173Mini 6-LED Chaser Mini Kit
MK175Animated LED Smiley Mini Kit
MK176LED Chevron Arrow Mini Kit
MK177Obsolete - Ding Dong Mini Kit
MK178Obsolete - 3rd Brake Light Flasher Mini Kit
MK179RFID Proximity Card Reader Mini Kit
MK180Two-Channel Hi-Power LED Flasher Mini Kit
MK181AC Power Voltage LED Mini Kit
MK182Digital Echo Chamber Mini Kit
MK183USB SMD Xmas Tree Mini Kit
MK184Obsolete - Electronic RGB Candle Mini Kit
MK185Solar Bug Mini Kit
MK186Obsolete - Low Voltage LED Light Organ Mini Kit
MK187Low Voltage LED Dimmer Mini Kit
MK1881Sec - 60 Hr High Current Pulse/Pause (cyclical) Timer Kit
MK18912V Car Battery Monitor Kit
MK1902 x 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier for MP3 Player Kit
MK1912 x 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier for MP3 Player Kit
MK1933D LED Cube (3x3x3) Kit
MK194Digitally Controlled FM Radio Kit
MK195Voice Recording-Playback Kit
MK196Multi-Voltage Blue LED Pilot Light Mini Kit
MK197RGB LED Ball Electronic Kit
MK198LED Buddy / LED Tester Mini Kit
MK199WAnimated Starlight White LED Mini Kit
MK200Snowman Flashing LED Electronic Kit
MK202Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Electronic Kit
MK204Chirping Cicada Electronic Kit
MMK100Electronic Christmas Tree Pre-Assembled
MMK116Obsolete - Riding Santa Pre-Assembled
MMK117Obsolete - Deluxe Christmas Tree Pre-Assembled
MMK124W Obsolete - Rolling Message (White LEDs) Pre-Assembled
MKSET1Obsolete - MiniKit Starter Set 1
MKSET2Obsolete - MiniKit Starter Set 2


Velleman Modules Range

Order CodeProduct Description
M4307CObsolete - Audio Power Meter 1000W RMS Module
M4701ALoudspeaker DC-Protection 30 Watts Module
VM100200W Power Amplifier Module
VM110NNEW! USB Experiment Interface Board Module (New Version)
VM111PIC Programmer & Experimenter Board Module
VM112Obsolete - Personal Animated Badge Module
VM113Stereo Amplifier Module 2 x 30W
VM1147W Mono Audio Amplifier Module
VM116USB Controlled DMX Interface Module
VM118Obsolete - 8-Channel RF Remote Control Set Module
VM118RReplacement 8-Channel RF Remote Transmitter Module
VM12010-Channel 12VDC Light Effect Generator Module
VM12115-Channel Infrared Transmitter Module
VM122Obsolete - 15-Channel Infrared Receiver Module
VM124Regulated Power Supply 1.5-35Vdc/1A Module
VM125Ultrasonic Motion Detector Module
VM129Obsolete - 8-Channel Relay Card Module
VM130V2SET2-Channel RF Remote Control Set with WiFi Interface
VM130NObsolete - 2-Channel RF Remote Control Module Set
VM130T2-Channel RF Remote Control Transmitter Fob
VM130TNObsolete - 2-Channel RF Remote Control Transmitter
VM131Dimmer Module for Electronic Transformers
VM132Universal Temperature Sensor Module
VM136Interval Timer Module
VM137Thermostat Module 5° - 30°C
VM138DMX Controlled Relay Module
VM140Obsolete - Extender USB Interface Board Module
VM141Start/Stop Timer Module (1s - 60h)
VM142Mini PIC Application Module
VM143/1W1W Power LED Driver Module
VM143/3W3W Power LED Driver Module
VM144Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output Module
VM145Obsolete - Digital Panel Thermometer with Min/Max Read Out Module
VM146RGB Controller Module
VM147Panel Counter Module
VM148Panel Thermostat Module
VM150Obsolete - RGB LED Dimmer Module for DIN Rail
VM151RGB Controller Module with RF Remote
VM152Obsolete - LED Dimmer with RF Remote Control
VM156Obsolete - Pocket Audio Generator Module
VM160Obsolete - 4-Channel RF Remote Control Set
VM160T4-Channel RF Remote Control Transmitter
VM161RGB Dimmer & Colour Selector (for use with VM118R RF Remote)
VM162RGB LED Strip Colour Dimmer Module with RF Remote Module
VM163Obsolete - Panel Clock Module
VM164Mini Dimmer with Push Button Control Module
VM166TObsolete - 2 Channel Transmitter with LED Light Module
VM167Mini USB Interface Board Module
VM169RGB Power Slave Module 3 x 4A
VM179RFID Proximity Card Reader Module
VM186Low Voltage LED Light Organ Module
VM187Low Voltage LED Dimmer Module
VM1881Sec - 60 Hr High Current Pulse/Pause (cyclical) Timer Module
VM18912V Car Battery Monitor Module
VM1914-Channel IR Transmitter
VM192IRRGB LED Controller Module with IR Remote
VM192RFRGB LED Controller Module with RF Remote
VM200Obsolete - Radioactivity Monitor
VM201Obsolete - 8-Channel Ethernet Relay Card Module
VM202NMP3 Jukebox Module (New Version)
VM203USB PIC® Programmer Board
VM2044-Channel Ethernet Relay Card Module
VM205Obsolete - Oscilloscope And Logic Analyzer Shield For Raspberry Pi
VM206USB Programmable Universal Relay Timer Module
VM20764 LED RGB Matrix Module
VM80908-Channel USB Relay Card Module
VM8095Obsolete - MP3 Player Module


Velleman EDUKIT Range

Order CodeProduct Description
EDU01Solderless Electronic Starter Kit
EDU02Solar Energy Experiment Kit
EDU03Start to Solder Educational Kit
EDU05Obsolete - USB Tutor Project Module
EDU06Oscilloscope Tutor Kit
EDU08LCD Oscilloscope Educational Kit
EDU09Educational PC Oscilloscope Kit
EDU10USB PIC Programmer and Tutor Board


Velleman Test Equipment Range

Order CodeProduct Description
LAB1Obsolete - THREE IN ONE LAB UNIT (Multimeter, Power supply and Soldering iron)
LAB2Obsolete - THREE IN ONE LAB UNIT (Scope, Function generator and Power supply)
HPS140MK2 Handheld Pocket Scope 40MS/s
PCGU1000Obsolete - 2MHz USB PC Function Generator
PCS10Obsolete - 4-Channel Recorder/Logger
PCS100APC-Scope 1 Channel 32MS/s With Adapter
PCS500A2-Channel PC Scope 1000MS/s With Adapter
PCSGU250USB Scope + Function Generator, 2 Channel
PCSU200Obsolete - USB PC Scope & Signal Generator
PCSU1000Obsolete - Two-Channel USB Pc Oscilloscope


Velleman Component Packs Range

Order CodeProduct Description
KCAP1Ceramic Capacitor Set
KCAP2Electrolytic Capacitor Set
KDIODE1120 Pcs Diode Component Pack
KLED1Set Of 80 Assorted LEDs
KRES-E12Set Of 610 Resistors (E12-Series)
KRES-E3Set Of 480 Resistors (E3-Series)
KTRANS1100 Pcs Transistor Component Pack


Velleman Velbus Modules Range

Order CodeProduct Description
VMB1BLVelbus Velbus AC Lights Dimmer Module
VMB1RSVelbus Serial Computer Interface Module
VMB1TCVelbus Temperature Controller
VMB1TSVelbus Temperature Sensor
VMB1USBVelbus USB Computer Interface Module
VMB2BLObsolete - Velbus 2-Channel Control Module for Electric Blind and Shutter Motors
VMB3PSVelbus 12VDC 1A Power Supply Module
VMB4DCVelbus 4 Channel 0-10V DC Dimmer Controller Module
VMB4PDVelbus Push Button and Timer Panel
VMB4RYVelbus 4-Channel Programmable Relay Module
VMB6INVelbus 6-Channel Input Module
VMB8PBObsolete - Velbus 8-Channel Push Button Module
VMBBOXVelbus Pattress Box for Push Button and Timer Module
VMBFBIVelbus Blank Frame Insert Module
VMBFDGVelbus Frame and Side Cover (Dark Grey)
VMBFLGVelbus Frame and Side Cover (Light Grey)
VMBIRTSVelbus IR Remote Control Stick
VMBTR1Velbus DIN-Rail Transformer


Velleman Miscellaneous Items

Order CodeProduct Description
HSVM100Heatsink for Kit K8060 (Pre-Drilled)
PCUSBk6USB To Serial Cable
WC200Digital Timer - Chrono/Clock
PIR40PIR Motion Detector 28mmØ - Build In (230Vac)
PIR41PIR Motion Detector 45mmØ - Build In (230Vac)
PIR415Mini PIR Motion Detector Module (240Vac)
PIR416Mini PIR Motion Detector Module (12Vdc)
PIR500PIR Motion Detector - Flush Mounting
PIR600Mains Swivel PIR Motion Detector (IP65 Rated)
PIR1200RMains PIR Motion Detector
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