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SMART Kits - Modules
SMART Kits - Modules

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Smart Kit Electronics offer a wide range of electronic kits including audio amplifiers, preamps, audio boards, speed controllers, delay timers and power supply boards.

We stock many of the Smart Kits range in our UK warehouse and offer fast despatch and express delivery options to any destination worldwide.

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AS1186KT - 4(8)-Channel Telephone Activated Relay Board

4/8 channel DTMF telephone activated relay board. Control up to 8 mains rated electrical device simply by calling your phone from any location in the world...

£74.96 From £58.29 Exc VAT, £69.95 Inc VAT (Save 22%)
AS1199KT - 200 Watt Hi-Fi Amplifier, Mono or Stereo (2N3055)

Based on a tried, tested and reliable design using 2N3055 transistors. Relay soft start delay circuitry and current limiting for loudspeaker protection. Easy bias adjustment with the help of two LEDs...

£74.96 From £54.13 Exc VAT, £64.96 Inc VAT (Save 28%)
Out Of Stock
1120KT - LED RPM Indicator Rev Counter Kit

This LED RPM indicator (or rev counter) is the electronic version of the most essential car dashboard instrument. It provides a reading within the range of 0 to 7000 rpm (maximum)...

£58.29 £34.96 Exc VAT, £41.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1132KT - 230Vac Mains Super 3-Channel Sound Light Effect Kit

Offers very impressive light effects thanks to very good channel separation between the low, medium and high frequency signals. up to 1000 Watts per channel...

£37.46 From £29.13 Exc VAT, £34.96 Inc VAT (Save 22%)
Out Of Stock
1177KT - Programmable Electronic Lock Kit

Simple and easy programmable electronic lock with one million different combinations and memory back up. 1 amp rated relay output (C/NO/NC) can be used to indirectly switch solenoids, etc...

£49.96 £33.29 Exc VAT, £39.95 Inc VAT (Save 33%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1218KT - 75 Watt Mono Audiophile Audio Amplifier Kit (TDA7294)

This medium output power audio amplifier is specially designed for audiophile applications. It provides 75W RMS @ 4 Ohm (50W RMS @ 8 Ohm) and features a special noiseless PCB design with separate audio and power earthing rails...

£41.63 £33.29 Exc VAT, £39.95 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1221KT - 230Vac Gas Leak Detector

230Vac mains powered gas leakage sensor. Detects propane, butane (LPG) and natural gas. An onboard buzzer and LED warn when gas is present...

£41.63 From £29.13 Exc VAT, £34.96 Inc VAT (Save 30%)
1092KT - In-Car Air Ioniser Kit

The benefits of air ionisers are now widely recognised. They can improve your health and promote a more positive state of mind...

£37.46 £27.46 Exc VAT, £32.95 Inc VAT (Save 27%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1134KT - 230Vac, 2KW Automatic Mains Light Dimmer Kit

This circuit will automatically adjust the lighting of a room according to the ambient light level. This circuit will automatically adjust the lighting of a room according to the ambient light level...

£41.63 £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1172KT - 4 Digit Up/Down LED Counter (Preset - Memory - 2 Relays - 13mm Digits)

General purpose Up / Down event counter with Preset and two mains rated relay outputs - one for Up count Preset and one for Down count reaching zero. Suitable for us in a wide range of process control applications...

£45.79 From £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT (Save 45%)
AS1173KT - Digital Countdown Timer (99 Minutes or 999.9 Seconds)

A simple to use but useful countdown timer with digital display and two independent relay outputs. The circuit is based on the PIC16C54 to ensure accuracy and reliability...

£45.79 From £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT (Save 45%)
AS1223KT - 5-Channel Multi-Function Light Chaser Kit (230Vac)

An impressive PIC controlled light chaser with five 500W TRIAC outputs. Ideal for parties, discos, shop-windows and eye-catching signs...

£37.46 From £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT (Save 33%)
1163KT - ON/OFF Cyclical Time Switch Kit

Relay activates for a user settable ON time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The relay then turn off for an independently settable OFF time. The cycle repeats until power is removed...

£31.63 £19.96 Exc VAT, £23.95 Inc VAT (Save 37%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1209KT - +/-40V, 8A Dual Polarity Power Supply

+/- 40Vdc, 8A dual polarity power supply module for audio power amplifiers. Large smoothing capacitors for clean, stable output. Onboard fuse protection...

£34.12 £27.46 Exc VAT, £32.95 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
1157KT - LED Light Effects and Signs Driver Board Kit

LED driver board ideal for creating various light effects illuminated signs, announcement boards and decorative signs. Demonstration board included...

£29.13 £19.13 Exc VAT, £22.96 Inc VAT (Save 34%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1037KT - 230Vac Xenon Strobe Light Kit

This kit features a very bright 8 Watt xenon strobe tube and a potentiometer provides frequency adjustment in the range of approximately 1 to 60Hz...

£20.79 From £17.46 Exc VAT, £20.95 Inc VAT (Save 16%)
Out Of Stock
AS1046KT - 25W + 25W Stereo Car Audio Booster Amplifier (TDA1515)

This well designed stereo power amplifier can be used to boost the output of an existing car audio system...

£29.13 From £16.63 Exc VAT, £19.96 Inc VAT (Save 43%)
1007KT - Stabilised Variable Power Supply Kit, 3-30Vdc, 2.5A

A good quality and reliable variable voltage, stabilised power supply that is ideal for the hobbyist or professional laboratory. The kit features short circuit protection, variable DC voltages from 3-30V and a rated output of 2.5 Amps which is sufficient for most applications...

£21.63 £14.96 Exc VAT, £17.95 Inc VAT (Save 31%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
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