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SMART Kits - Modules

SMART Kits - Modules
SMART Kits - Modules

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Smart Kit Electronics offer a wide range of electronic kits including audio amplifiers, preamps, audio boards, speed controllers, delay timers and power supply boards.

We stock many of the Smart Kits range in our UK warehouse and offer fast despatch and express delivery options to any destination worldwide.

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AS1063KT - 12Vdc, 2A Stabilised Power Supply Board

This general purpose Stabilised power supply board can be used for many projects including kits 1003, 1029, 1046 and 1048...

£7.46 From £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 34%)
1068KT - 18Vdc, 0.5A Stabilised Regulated Power Supply Kit

Comprises an L7818 voltage regulator IC, bridge rectifier and smoothing capacitors to provide a stabilised and regulated 18Vdc output of up to 500mA. Power-On LED indicator...

£8.29 £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1072KT - 230Vac 150W Automatic Mains Light Switch Kit

This simple and inexpensive automatic switch can be used to turn on a mains bulb when the ambient light level falls below a certain level and off again as soon as there is adequate light available...

£8.29 £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1074KT - AC Motor Speed Controller (230Vac, 600W)

This well designed and simple to install project will let you adjust the speed of your electric drill according to the job at hand...

£13.29 From £7.46 Exc VAT, £8.95 Inc VAT (Save 44%)
AS1080KT - Liquid Level Sensor/Controller or Rain Alarm

This circuit can be used in a wide variety of applications where a fluid level sensor is required. It can indicate the level of fluid in a container or simply the presence of fluid depending on the way the circuit is used...

From £4.13 Exc VAT, £4.96 Inc VAT
AS1083KT - 3-Output Video Signal Amplifier

This broad band amplifier will take the RF signal from a VCR, cable box or satellite box RF (aerial) output and amplify it sufficiently to drive up to three TVs, monitors or VCRs...

£9.13 From £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 46%)
AS1084KT - High Gain TV Aerial Amplifier

A high gain, broadband aerial amplifier suitable for TV1, VHF and UHF. It can also be used for FM receivers...

£9.13 £7.64 Exc VAT, £9.17 Inc VAT (Save 16%)
1085KT - 12Vac/dc to 6V-7.5V-9Vdc Voltage Converter Kit

This useful voltage converter board allows you to power equipment that requires a 6V, 7.5V or 9V dc (800mA maximum) supply from either a 12Vdc (e.g. vehicle battery) or 12Vac (e.g. transformer) power source...

£9.96 £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 50%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1092KT - In-Car Air Ioniser Kit

The benefits of air ionisers are now widely recognised. They can improve your health and promote a more positive state of mind...

£37.46 £27.46 Exc VAT, £32.95 Inc VAT (Save 27%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1097 - ASSEMBLED Car Interference Suppressor Module

This ready assembled RFI filter is specifically designed to block this unwanted interference from entering your car sound system...

£14.13 £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 53%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1102KT - 15 LED Symmetrical Stereo VU Meter Kit

This stereo VU meter is easily fitted to any amplifier or preamplifier in the car or at home. It uses 15 LEDs placed in a single straight line - 7 for each channel with the centre LED used as an ON indicator...

£16.63 £9.96 Exc VAT, £11.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
1103KT - Loudspeaker LED Power Meter

This LED power meter provides a visual display of your amplifiers active output power. It simply connects in parallel across the speaker. 5 LED display...

£6.63 £5.63 Exc VAT, £6.76 Inc VAT (Save 15%)
Out Of Stock
1104KT - LED Sweet Heart Kit

A unique light effect with a heart-like shape. The heart is made up of 20 LEDs that are turned on and off periodically...

£10.79 £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 39%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS1113KT - 18W + 18W Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier (TDA2030)

Stereo power amplifier based around two TDA2030 IC. It has good input sensitivity, low distortion, good operating stability and full protection against overloads and output short-circuits...

£19.13 From £11.63 Exc VAT, £13.96 Inc VAT (Save 39%)
AS1117KT - TV Pattern Generator

A pattern generator is a very useful instrument for the correct alignment of the timing circuits of a television set...

£14.13 From £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT (Save 41%)
1120KT - LED RPM Indicator Rev Counter Kit

This LED RPM indicator (or rev counter) is the electronic version of the most essential car dashboard instrument. It provides a reading within the range of 0 to 7000 rpm (maximum)...

£58.29 £34.96 Exc VAT, £41.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
8122KT, AS8122-TB, AS8122--RJ11 - Telephone Ringer Relay Switch

The Telephone Ringer Relay Switch connects to your phone line and can be used to activate an external siren, buzzer, bell, light, etc. in synchronisation with the incoming ringing signal...

Buy 1-4: £13.29 Exc VAT, £15.95 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5-19: £11.30 Exc VAT, £13.56 Inc VAT Each
Buy 20+: £10.63 Exc VAT, £12.76 Inc VAT Each
AS1123KT - Morse Code Generator Kit

This kit is a very easy to build and is suitable for beginners in electronics or those who wish to learn Morse code. Optional onboard buzzer and test button included or use your own external keyer / speaker...

From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT
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