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QUASAR Kits - Modules
QUASAR Kits - Modules

Numerical index of Quasar Electronics range of electronic kits, projects and modules.

We stock a very wide range of different electronic kit circuit designs offering practical solutions for your industrial, educational and hobby electronic needs. We offer economy and express shipping options to any destination worldwide together with fast despatch from our UK based warehouse.

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AS3125KT - Negative Adjustable Power Supply

This compact negative variable power supply module is ideal for powering any application requiring a negative DC supply of up to 1.5A. Uses an LM337T voltage regulator...

£12.46 From £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT (Save 33%)
AS3126KT - Sound Activated Relay Switch

This mini voice/sound activated relay switch can be used as a hands-free voice activation switch to operate tape recorders, lights, and a variety of other devices...

From £9.13 Exc VAT, £10.96 Inc VAT
AS3127KT - 3.5 Digit LCD 7106 Digital Panel Meter DPM

Versatile 3.5 digit LCD panel meter is based around a 7106 A/D Converter IC. Suitable for measuring either voltage, current or with some slight modification resistance...

£20.79 Exc VAT, £24.95 Inc VAT
AS3129KT - 4 Digit Up-Down Event Counter

Low cost Up-Down event counter. 4 digit LED display (expandable to 8 digits). Counts either Up or Down. Range 0000 to 9999. Inputs: Reset - Up - Down - Disable. Outputs: Overflow (low pulse on wrap-around). 9-15Vdc powered...

£20.79 From £14.96 Exc VAT, £17.95 Inc VAT (Save 28%)
3133 - 10-14V PIR Motion Detector Module

This fully assembled 12V PIR Motion Detector module is just 27mm square and uses the latest SMT. It is similar to the 3076R PIR detector module that we sell but with the following differences:...

£12.46 £7.46 Exc VAT, £8.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS3134KT - Introduction To LCDs (and More!)

This project will show you how to show how to use a 16x2 alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with a PC. First we show how to connect it to the parallel port and echo and handle keyboard input...

£29.13 From £20.79 Exc VAT, £24.95 Inc VAT (Save 29%)
AS3135KT - DC Voltage Step-Up Converter Kit (12Vdc to 16.5Vdc)

DC to DC voltage step-up converter for raising an input of 9-12Vdc to 16.5Vdc/200mA...

£13.29 £11.63 Exc VAT, £13.96 Inc VAT (Save 12%)
AS3136KT - Hi-Tech Microcontroller LED Heart Electronic Kit

10 attention-grabbing and absorbing patterns are produced by this high-tech microcontroller driven LED Heart. It is far more impressive than any other LED flasher we have seen...

£19.96 From £15.97 Exc VAT, £19.16 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3137KT - Touch Activated Relay Switch with Turn-Off Delay

Touch sensitive switch with delayed turn-off relay output to control external electrical devices. Connect to a touch plate or wire. 9-15Vdc supply. Components for 1 and 5 second delay times included...

£7.46 From £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT (Save 22%)
AS3138KT - Astable Bi-LED Flasher Kit

Designed for teaching the concepts of astable multivibrator circuits. A 555 timer IC is wired as a square wave oscillator with a double ended output connection to two LED which flash on and off in turn...

Buy 1-4: £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5-19: £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT Each
Buy 20+: £3.29 Exc VAT, £3.95 Inc VAT Each
AS3139KT - 1W Stereo Amplifier (TDA7053A)

1W stereo audio amplifier module using a TDA7053A integrated stereo audio power amplifier IC that has DC volume control. Wide 4.5 - 18V dc supply voltage...

From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT
AS3140KT - DTMF Telephone Relay Switcher

This device connects to your telephone line and has 4 relay outputs capable of switching 5 amps max. You can then call your number using a DTMF (tone dialling) telephone from anywhere in the world and remotely turn...

From £66.63 Exc VAT, £79.96 Inc VAT
Out Of Stock
AS3141-HPKT - Multi-Mode Delay Timer, 13A Relay, Isolated Input

Highly versatile uC based HIGH POWER Multi-Mode Timer featuring 7 different timing operations including 4 Instant On modes, 2 Delayed On modes and a toggling (cyclical) mode. Crystal controlled for accuracy. Opto-isolated Trigger input. 13 Amp mains rated relay...

£20.79 From £18.29 Exc VAT, £21.95 Inc VAT (Save 12%)
AS3143KT - 6 - 10W Stereo Amplifier (TDA2005)

Popular 6-10 Watt class AB stereo audio power amplifier using a TDA2005 IC designed for high quality hi-fi applications. Simple 8-18Vdc, 1-2A supply...

£13.29 From £9.96 Exc VAT, £11.95 Inc VAT (Save 25%)
AS3145KT - 4-Channel Temperature Monitor/Logger for Dallas DS18S20

4-ch temperature monitor/logger for Dallas DS18S20 high precision 1-wire digital thermometer sensors. Continuous data output for RS232 serial port...

£16.63 From £14.14 Exc VAT, £16.97 Inc VAT (Save 15%)
AS3148KT - 4 Digit Timer Motherboard KIT with 3148T0 Down Counter Firmware

This 4-digit LED timer with open collector output comprising a Motherboard and one pre-programmed firmware chip, the 3148T0 Programmable Countdown Timer (1 to 10,000 seconds) with 4 modes of operation...

£21.63 From £19.96 Exc VAT, £23.95 Inc VAT (Save 8%)
AS3148T1KT - 4 Digit Photographic Countdown Timer Board (60 - 900 Seconds)

4-digit photographic countdown timer board with 6 selectable preset times from 60 to 900 seconds. Start, Stop and Reset controls. Displays time remaining in Seconds. 2 Second output pulse on completion...

£21.63 From £19.96 Exc VAT, £23.95 Inc VAT (Save 8%)
AS3148T2KT - 4 Digit Stopwatch Timer Board with Pause (99H 59M 59.99S)

4-digit stopwatch timer board with Start, Pause, Stop, Display Toggle and Reset functions. Displays time elapsed in Seconds and Hundredths plus Hours and Minutes on the minute for 1 second. 20mS output pulse on the minute. Maximum time 99H 59M 59.99S...

£21.63 From £19.96 Exc VAT, £23.95 Inc VAT (Save 8%)
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