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QUASAR Kits - Modules
QUASAR Kits - Modules

Numerical index of Quasar Electronics range of electronic kits, projects and modules.

We stock a very wide range of different electronic kit circuit designs offering practical solutions for your industrial, educational and hobby electronic needs. We offer economy and express shipping options to any destination worldwide together with fast despatch from our UK based warehouse.

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AS3090HKT - 3W Stereo Amplifier Kit with Heatsink (ROHM BA5406)

A good general purpose stereo audio amplifier using the ROHM BA5406 monolithic power amplifier IC. Supplied with all components INCLUDING heat sink...

£9.96 From £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT (Save 42%)
3092KT - IR Remote Control and Decoder IC Kit

Each button press on the remote produces a momentary (i.e. only active whilst key is pressed) corresponding active low signal on one of 14 output pins of the decoder IC (normal state is high)...

£16.63 Exc VAT, £19.96 Inc VAT
Out Of Stock
AS8097KT - 2W Mono Amplifier Module (LM380)

Simple amplifier module with volume control based around an LM380 that delivers 4W into an 8 Ohm speaker...

Buy 1-12: £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT Each
Buy 13-30: £7.05 Exc VAT, £8.46 Inc VAT Each
Buy 31+: £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT Each
AS3098KT - Mono Preamplifier Board

Use to amplify the electret microphone supplied or any small audio signal up to a suitable level to drive an audio power amplifier. 6-12Vdc. 40dB gain...

£7.46 From £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT (Save 22%)
AS3100KT - Stereo Preamplifier with Tone Controls (TDA1524A)

Hi-fi quality stereo preamplifier board featuring Volume control (with integral power switch), Balance, Bass and Treble tone controls. It provides very pleasing performance and makes a useful addition to any of our audio power amplifier kits...

From £19.96 Exc VAT, £23.95 Inc VAT
AS3102KT - PIC Servo Motor Driver Electronic Kit

Simultaneously drive up to four servo motors using potentiometers as positioning controllers. Ideal project for the modelling enthusiast...

£14.96 From £11.63 Exc VAT, £13.96 Inc VAT (Save 22%)
AS3106KT - 50W Mono Hi-Fi Power Amplifier (TDA7294)

High power, hi-fi quality class AB audio amplifier module using a TDA7294 IC. This amazing little IC was designed for use in high quality hi-fi applications and has very low noise and distortion, wide bandwidth and good output current capability...

£29.13 Exc VAT, £34.96 Inc VAT
AS3108 - 8-Channel RS232 Serial Relay Controller Isolated IO Board

General purpose RS232 serial port IO controller board featuring 8 relay outputs and 4 opto-isolated inputs for use in a wide variety of control and sensing applications including load switching, external switch input sensing, contact closure and external...

Buy 1-4: £74.96 Exc VAT, £89.95 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5-9: £63.71 Exc VAT, £76.45 Inc VAT Each
Buy 10+: £59.97 Exc VAT, £71.96 Inc VAT Each
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
3108Uv3 - Upgrade Kit for Dual 3108v3 Serial Relay Control

Simple upgrade kit for our 8-Channel Serial Port Isolated IO Relay Controller that enables you to link two 3108 (Hardware Version 3) units together to provide a total of 16 Relay Outputs and 6 external Inputs running from a single serial port...

From £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT
3110KT - Continuity Tester Electronic Kit (Hi/Lo Range, Buzzer)

Two-range continuity tester electronic kit will buzz up to 3 Ohms on the LO range and 285 Ohms on the HI range. Box to house battery included. Ideal for education and hobby use...

From £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT
AS3111BKT - Square Wave Oscillator

Easy-to-build kit generates six square waves of 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz and 100KHz output frequency using the onboard jumper selectors...

£9.96 From £7.46 Exc VAT, £8.95 Inc VAT (Save 25%)
AS3112KT - 8-Bit PC Data Logger (Mark II)

This compact 8-Bit PC-driven sampler monitors voltage changes over periods ranging from milliseconds to months. New W9x/2000/ME/XP DAQ software is now available...

£18.29 From £12.46 Exc VAT, £14.95 Inc VAT (Save 32%)
AS3113KT - PC Controlled Dual Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver

Control two Unipolar stepper motor motors (each rated up to 1 amp max.) via the parallel/printer port of a PC. Four digital inputs are also included and can be used for monitoring external switches and other inputs...

£16.63 From £9.96 Exc VAT, £11.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
AS3114KT - +/- 25V, 2A Dual Polarity Unregulated Power Supply

This kit is a quick, neat, and inexpensive way to provide a smoothed +/- 25V, 2A dual polarity unregulated DC power supply suitable for powering many audio power amplifiers...

£9.13 From £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT (Save 9%)
AS3115v2KT - 1W + 1W Stereo Amplifier (LM386 x 2)

Uses two LM386N-1 power amplifier IC's for a stereo version of our popular kit 3017 amplifier and has a single dual gang volume control potentiometer...

£9.96 Exc VAT, £11.95 Inc VAT
AS3118KT - 12-bit PC Data Acquisition and Control System

This high precision 12-bit PC Data Acquisition System uses a Maxim MAX186 IC that combines an 8-channel multiplexer and high-bandwidth track/hold together with high conversion speed and ultra-low power consumption...

£58.29 £41.18 Exc VAT, £49.42 Inc VAT (Save 29%)
AS3122ADTKT - 90S4434/8535 Adaptor Board

This is a simple adaptor board for programming 90S4434 and 90S8535 devices with our ATMEL AVR programmer kit 3122...

£4.13 From £2.46 Exc VAT, £2.95 Inc VAT (Save 40%)
AS3123KT - ATMEL 8051 (87/89 Series) Programmer

Easy-to-use, low cost yet powerful programmer for the ATMEL 8051 family of microcontrollers. It will Program, Read and Verify Code Data, Write Lock Bits, Erase and Blank Check. All fuse and lock bits are programmable...

From £27.46 Exc VAT, £32.95 Inc VAT
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