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QUASAR Kits - Modules
QUASAR Kits - Modules

Numerical index of Quasar Electronics range of electronic kits, projects and modules.

We stock a very wide range of different electronic kit circuit designs offering practical solutions for your industrial, educational and hobby electronic needs. We offer economy and express shipping options to any destination worldwide together with fast despatch from our UK based warehouse.

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3062KT - PIR Motion Detector Components KIT

all the hard to get parts to make a PIR motion detector as used and supplied in our original AS3030KT - PIR Motion Detector Board...

£13.29 £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 50%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
3063KT - One Chip AM Radio Kit (TA7642)

Build your first AM radio receiver kit. Rewarding, educational experience for beginners starting to explore electronics. All components supplied - pre-wound coil, ferrite antenna, tuning capacitor, TA7642 radio IC, volume control pot, speaker, high quality printed circuit board...

£14.13 Exc VAT, £16.96 Inc VAT
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS3067KT - DC Motor Speed Controller, 4 - 70V, 7.5A

Control the speed of almost any common 4V to 70V DC motor without sacrificing motor torque. 7.5 Amps maximum current. Enclosure included. IRF530 MOSFET based PWM circuit....

£16.63 From £13.30 Exc VAT, £15.96 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3068KT - 1.5-30Vdc, 1.5A Regulated LM317 Adjustable Power Supply Kit

This LM317 based adjustable power supply kit provides a regulated, variable voltage output of 1.5V to 30V dc at up to 1.5 Amps. Accepts either AC or DC supply voltage. Onboard potentiometer for voltage adjustment...

£9.13 From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 27%)
AS3069KT - PIC Tutorial Digital LED Electronic Dice Kit

This educational kit brings together the classic LED Dice with a modern PIC16C54 microcontroller driven circuit used to replace the old logic and display drivers. Fully commented code so you can see exactly how it works...

£10.79 From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 39%)
3071KT - PIC Tutorial Dual Digital LED Dice Kit

Get an introduction to the world of PICs with this dual digital LED dice kit that generates two random dice values. Ideal for games and competitions where two dice are used. Full source code supplied...

£10.79 £7.46 Exc VAT, £8.95 Inc VAT (Save 31%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS3075KT - PIC Microcontroller Trainer Kit (with 5 Functions)

Measure and display temperature and humidity, build a timer and counter, or do analogue to digital conversion with this 5 in 1 PIC trainer...

£41.63 From £33.30 Exc VAT, £39.96 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
3076R - 4 - 12V PIR Motion Detector Module

Fully assembled and tested Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion detector module. Measures just 35x25x16mm. Used in commercially made alarm systems...

£9.96 £7.46 Exc VAT, £8.95 Inc VAT (Save 25%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS3079BKT - Light / Dark Activated Dusk Dawn Sensor Relay Switch

New improved version dusk dawn sensor switch with 5 Amp mains rated relay. Light/Dark activation switch. Adjustable trigger sensitivity. LDR and 741 op-amp IC circuitry. Can operate with fast or gradual light change....

Buy 1-4: £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5-19: £7.05 Exc VAT, £8.46 Inc VAT Each
Buy 20+: £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT Each
AS3079AKT - Basic Light / Dark Activated Switch

This circuit uses a simple LDR based circuit in super-Darlington set-up to turn on the relay output. A Light/Dark mode switch is used to select either light or dark activation of the relay...

£12.46 £10.80 Exc VAT, £12.96 Inc VAT (Save 13%)
AS3079CKT - Light / Dark Activated Switch (Schmitt Trigger)

This kit uses the LDR and Schmitt trigger circuitry to eliminate the problem of relay chatter at the trigger threshold so that the circuit can be used where the change in light with be small and gradual...

£12.46 £10.79 Exc VAT, £12.95 Inc VAT (Save 13%)
AS3081KT - Introduction To PIC Programming with CD-ROM

Learn assembler code programming from scratch using a PIC16F84A. Our Introduction To PIC Programming Tutorial Starter Kit ideal for those of you who are new to PIC microcontrollers...

£14.96 From £11.63 Exc VAT, £13.96 Inc VAT (Save 22%)
AS3085_2KT - Button Activated Delay Timer with Reset

1 second to 20 minute 12Vdc push button activated delay timer board with reset button and a relay output. The relay is activated when the START button is pressed and turns off either after time-out or by pressing RESET...

£9.13 From £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT (Save 37%)
AS3085_3KT - Button Activated Delay Timer (12Vdc Output)

This board provides a 12Vdc output that drops to 0V immediately the 'START' button is pressed and returns to 12V at the end of the timing period...

£7.46 From £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 34%)
AS3087KT - 1W + 1W Stereo Amplifier (TDA2822M)

1W stereo audio amplifier electronic kit. Based around the popular TDA2822M IC. Designed for portable cassette players and radios. Ideal for battery operation...

£8.29 From £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT (Save 30%)
AS3088KT - 10W Stereo Amplifier (TDA2009A)

The TDA2009A is a monolithic hi-fi quality audio power amplifier IC with dual class AB outputs, designed for high quality stereo applications...

£14.96 From £9.96 Exc VAT, £11.95 Inc VAT (Save 33%)
3089KT - Stereo VU Meter Kit (2 x 10 Rectangular LED)

A simple, low cost stereo VU meter using LED's, which are more robust than traditional needle meters...

£13.29 £7.46 Exc VAT, £8.95 Inc VAT (Save 44%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS3090KT - 3W Stereo Audio Amplifier Kit (ROHM BA5406 IC)

A good general purpose stereo audio amplifier using the ROHM BA5406 monolithic power amplifier IC...

£9.13 From £4.96 Exc VAT, £5.95 Inc VAT (Save 46%)
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