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QUASAR Kits - Modules
QUASAR Kits - Modules

Numerical index of Quasar Electronics range of electronic kits, projects and modules.

We stock a very wide range of different electronic kit circuit designs offering practical solutions for your industrial, educational and hobby electronic needs. We offer economy and express shipping options to any destination worldwide together with fast despatch from our UK based warehouse.

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AS3026KT - Fibre Optic Audio Link Kit

Send sound via fibre optic cable. Fibre optic cable is immune to interference from electrically noisy environments so this kit is great for applications where interference-free voice communication is required...

£31.63 £24.96 Exc VAT, £29.95 Inc VAT (Save 21%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
AS3027KT - 1W BTL Mono Audio Amplifier (TDA7052)

1W BTL Mono amplifier module using a TDA7052 IC. Designed for battery-fed portable audio applications...

£9.96 £8.29 Exc VAT, £9.95 Inc VAT (Save 17%)
AS3028KT - VTX Voice Activated FM Room Transmitter

The VTX combines a sound activated switch and powerful FM Transmitter. The purpose of this arrangement is battery life conservation...

£10.79 From £8.63 Exc VAT, £10.36 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3029KT - Electronic Combination Lock Educational Kit

Get a practical introduction to 'programmable' electronic locks with this fully working educational project kit.

£10.79 From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 39%)
AS3030KT - PIR Motion Detector

A passive infra red (PIR) motion detector, as used in burglar alarms and access control systems...

£18.29 From £14.63 Exc VAT, £17.56 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3032KT - HPTX High Power FM Room Transmitter

The HPTX is our most powerful room bug to date and really is an impressive performer...

£8.29 From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3033KT - TRI Telephone Recording Interface

The Telephone Recording Interface is used to automatically operate a tape recorder (not supplied) so that all conversations that take place on the target phone line are recorded...

£8.29 From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3034KT - 3 1/2 Digit LCD General Purpose Panel Meter (7106 IC)

This extremely versatile 3.5 digit LCD panel meter is based around a 7106 A/D Converter IC. It is suitable for measuring either voltage, current and with some slight modification resistance...

£20.79 From £16.63 Exc VAT, £19.96 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3044KT - Logic Activated Relay Board

Simple and useful transistor switched relay board allows you to control external equipment using the onboard mains rated relay from a simple 5V logic or LED signal...

From £5.79 Exc VAT, £6.95 Inc VAT
AS3047KT - 8W Mono Audio Power Amplifier (TDA2003)

8 Watt mono audio power amplifier board makes an Ideal building block for projects where a low voltage dc powered general Class AB audio amplifier is required...

From £13.29 Exc VAT, £15.95 Inc VAT
AS3048KT - Introduction To Power Audio Amplifiers Kit

This kit uses discrete parts to construct a Class AB power amplifier, still one of the most common types used today, even in modern audio amplifier IC's...

£10.79 From £6.63 Exc VAT, £7.96 Inc VAT (Save 39%)
AS3049KT - Ultrasonic Movement Detector Kit

This sensitive ultrasonic motion detector circuit uses a quartz crystal to lock the detector frequency for maximum stability and reliability...

£28.29 £22.46 Exc VAT, £26.95 Inc VAT (Save 21%)
AS3050KT - 25W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier (LM1875)

Circuit uses a high fidelity LM1875 amplifier IC and delivers up to 25W RMS into 8 Ohms @ 1% THD. S/N ratio: 100dB...

£15.79 Exc VAT, £18.95 Inc VAT
AS3051KT - MMTX Micro-Miniature 9V FM Room Transmitter

MMTX offers excellent performance in a very compact package. It rivals many competitors products selling at 10 times the price! ...

£7.46 From £5.97 Exc VAT, £7.16 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3055KT - Telephone Pickup Amplifier

Attach suction cup to a phone ear piece and let others in the room hear both sides of the conversation...

£12.46 From £9.97 Exc VAT, £11.96 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
AS3058KT - IR Remote Control Toggle Switch

This kit allows you to turn on and off a variety of electrical devices using almost any household infrared remote control unit (e.g. TV, video, satellite, hi-fi, etc)...

£11.63 From £9.96 Exc VAT, £11.95 Inc VAT (Save 14%)
AS3060KT - Universal Power Supply Board for 78xx Series Regulators

This project provides a universal board for mounting any 78xx Series 3-terminal regulator of your choice to make a regulated fixed DC voltage 1A power supply...

£9.13 From £7.30 Exc VAT, £8.76 Inc VAT (Save 20%)
3061KT - 3.5 Digit LED General Purpose Panel Meter Kit

This general purpose 3.5 digit LED panel meter is similar to kit 3034 but uses the sister 7107 IC and LED display...

£19.13 £12.46 Exc VAT, £14.95 Inc VAT (Save 35%)
In Stock (Our UK Warehouse)
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