Kitsrus - DIY Electronics Part Number Cross Reference Table | Quasar Electronics You can use the table below to cross reference between the Kitsrus (DIY Electronics) electronic kit part numbers and our own Order Codes.

Kitsrus - DIY Electronics Part Number Cross Reference Table

You can use the table below to cross reference between the Kitsrus (DIY Electronics) electronic kit part numbers and our own Order Codes. Just click on our Order Code to be taken to the product details.

Please note that many of our "kits" are also available in ASSEMBLED format.

Electronic Kits Range

Order Code
Product Description
K13001Three Digit LED Event Counter
K23002Digital LCD Thermometer and Experimenter
K33003LED Dice With Slowdown
K43004Fixed & Variable Output Regulated Power Supply Module
K53005Stairway To Heaven Game
K63006LED Roulette Wheel
K730073V FM Transmitter
K83008Obsolete - Light Alarm
K93009Multi-Vibrator Building Blocks
K103010Touch Pad/Contact Latching Switch Relay Controller
K123012Audio-To-Light Modulator (110 - 230Vac mains)
K133013TRVS - Tape Recorder Voice Switch
K14-1103014-110VKT110Vac Mains Powered Strobe Light (North American)
K163016MTTX - Miniature Telephone Transmitter
K173017LM386 Audio Amplifier Module
K183018MRTX - Miniature 9V Room Transmitter
K203020Movement Detector
K213021Two Station Intercom
K223022Obsolete - replaced by 3162
K233023Op-Amp Function Generator
K243024Logic Probe
K263026Fibre Optic Audio Link
K273027TDA7052 1W Amplifier Module
K283028Voice Activated FM Transmitter
K293029Electronic Combination Lock
K303030PIR Movement Detector
K3130319V "Air Raid" Siren
K323032Two Stage FM Transmitter
K333033Tape Recorder Switch for Telephone
K343034Digital LCD Voltage/Current/Resistance Meter
K3530351.5/3V TO 9Vdc Step Up Converter
K438043Handy SPDT 5A Mains Relay Board (6V, 12V & 24Vdc Versions)
K443044Logic Activated Relay Board
K4580452 Channel 5A SPDT Mains Relay Board (6V, 12V & 24Vdc Versions)
K463046Hi-Tech Microcontroller LED Flashing Star
K473047LM383 Amplifier Module
K483048Introduction To Power Audio Amplifiers
K493049Crystal Locked Ultrasonic Movement Detector
K50305025W Amplifier Module
K513051UMTX - Ultra Miniature FM Room Transmitter
K523052MCOB 5 LED Random Sequence Flasher
K533053Obsolete - replaced by 3153
K543054Obsolete - replaced by 3141-HP
K553055Suction Cup Telephone Pickup
K563056Obsolete - see 3153
K583058Infrared Remote Toggle Switch
K593059Motorola MC68HC705P9 Programmer
K603060Universal Board for 78xx Series Regulators
K6130613 1/2 Digit LED Panel Meter (using 7107)
K623062Obsolete- PIR Movement Detector Components
K633063One chip AM radio
K643064Obsolete - replaced by 3189
K673067DC Motor Speed Controller 70V/7.5A
K6830681.5-30Vdc/1.5A Regulated Variable Power Supply
K693069Single LED Dice (PIC 16C54)
K713071Dual LED Dice (PIC 16C54)
K723072Obsolete - replaced by 3142
K73307312/24 Hour Giant Clock
K7430748-Channel PC Controlled Relay Board (DOS/Windows Drivers)
K753075PIC Microcontroller Trainer Kit (5 Functions)
K763076PIR Detector Module (assembled & tested)
K793079Three-In-One LDR circuits (3079A, 3079B and 3079C)
K79A3079ABasic Light / Dark Activated Switch
K79B3079BLight / Dark Activated Switch With Hysteresis
K79C3079CLight / Dark Activated Switch (Schmitt Trigger)
K813081Introduction To PIC Programming
K823082Obsolete - replaced by 8157
K833083Universal Power Supply
K843084Obsolete - replaced by 3156
K853085Three-In-One Timer circuits
(available separately as 3085_2, 3085_3 and 3152)
K85_23085_2555 Monostable Timer
K85_33085_3Delay Timer with 12Vdc Output
K863086Obsolete - see replacement kit 3140
K8730871W Stereo Amplifier Module
K88308810W + 10W Stereo Amplifier Module
K893089Stereo VU Meter (2 x 10 LED)
K9030903W+3W Stereo Amplifier Module
K90H3090H3W+3W Stereo Amplifier Module with Heatsink
K923092Remote Control and Decoder IC
K963096Obsolete - Replaced by USB PIC Programmer Range
K9780972W Amplifier Module (LM380)
K983098Preamplifier Module
K1003100Stereo Preamplifier with Tone Controls
K1023102Four Servo Motor Driver
K1043104Electronic Music Box Engine
K105310518W BTL Audio Power Amplifier
K106310650W Amplifier Module (TDA7294)
K10831088-Channel Serial Relay Controller Isolated I/O Board
K1083108UDual 3108 Upgrade Kit
K1103110Continuity Tester
K1113111Square Wave Oscillator (LN/NE555)
K1123112Pocket Data Logger/Sampler
K1133113PC Based Dual Stepper Motor Driver
K1143114Dual Unregulated Power Supply for Audio Power Amplifiers
K115v23115v21 Watt Stereo Amplifier (with dual gang volume pot)
K1173117Obsolete - Replaced by USB PIC Programmer Range
K118311812-bit Data Acquisition Unit
K1193119Obsolete - Replaced by USB PIC Programmer Range
K122ADT3122ADT90S4434/8535 Adaptor Board for Kit 3122
K1233123ATMEL 89 Series Programmer
K1243124Positive Adjustable Power Supply Module
K1253125Negative Adjustable Power Supply Module
K1263126Sound Activated Relay Switch
K12731273 1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter
K1283128Obsolete - See alternative USB PIC Programmers
K12931294 Digit Up/Down LED Event Counter
K1303130Infrared Security Beam
K133313312Vdc PIR Movement Detector Module
K1343134Introduction to LCD's and more
K1353135DC Voltage Step-Up Converter (12Vdc to 16.5Vdc)
K1363136Hi-Tech Microcontroller LED Flashing Heart
K1373137Touch Activated Momentary Relay Switch
K1383138Two LED Flasher
K13931391W Stereo Amplifier Module with DC Volume Control
K1403140 DTMF Telephone Relay Switcher
K1413141Obsolete - Replaced by 3141-HP High Power Multi-Mode Universal Delay Timer
K142314212-Channel Infrared Relay Board
K14331436-10W Stereo Amplifier (TDA2005)
K1443144Obsolete - Replaced by USB PIC Programmer Range
K1453145Temperature Data Logger
K1463146Obsolete - replaced by 3188
K148731484-Digit Timer Board (6 optional functions)
K1493149USB or Serial Port PIC Programmer - Flash/OTP (Socket & ICSP)
K1503150Obsolete - See alternative USB PIC Programmers
K1513151EEPROM Programmer
K1523152Multi-Timer II
K1533153Audio DTMF Decoder & Display
K1543154Four Digit Presettable Down Counter
K1553155Stereo Tone Controls
K1563156 Dual Hi/Lo Switched Relay Board
K15781572-Channel Rolling Code UHF Remote Control (with Reset)
K1583158 Bi-Polar Stepper Motor Driver
K1603160Obsolete - See alternative PIC Programming Tutorials
K16231626Vdc Xenon Flasher
K163316312Vdc Xenon Flasher
K1643164Telephone Call Logger
K16531658-Channel PC Controlled Relay Board WITH BOX
K1663166Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller
K1673167250mW Mono FM Transmitter
K1683168EPE Ultrasonic Wind Speed Meter
K1693169P1Versatile PIC Controlled LED Flasher
K1723172Wide Band Synthesised FM Transmitter
K1733173Serial Input RF Data Link Transmitter
K1743174Serial Output RF Data Link Receiver
K1753175Parallel Input RF Data Link Transmitter
K1763176Parallel Output RF Data Link Receiver
K1793179PC / Standalone Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver
K18031804-channel Rolling Code UHF Remote Control
K181318110-channel Rolling Code UHF Remote Control
182A3182Obsolete - See alternative USB PIC Programmers
K1863186Power Amplifier DC Supply Kit
K1873187Bipolar Stepper Motor Chopper Driver
K188318840 Second Message Recorder (ISD1740)
K1893189120 Second Message Recorder (ISD17120)
k19031904-Channel Temperature Monitor & Control Relay Board
K19181913-Ch High Power RGB LED Controller + Serial RS232 TTL Interface
K1923192Serial LCD Controller with Display
K1933193Smart Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Charger

Sound Generator Kit Range

Part Number
Order Code
Product Description
SG1SG01MFour Train Sounds Kit
SG2SG02MCellular Phone Sounds Kit
SG3SG03M16 Tune Door Chimes Kit
SG4SG04MSirens & Machine Gun Kit
SG5SG05MDing/Dong Door Chime Kit
SG10SG10MAnimal Sounds Kit
SG11SG11Siren Driver
SG12SG12MCosmic Gun, Bomb & Sirens Sounds Kit

Single Board Computer System Kit Range

Part Number
Order Code
Product Description
SC1/SC2SC01/ SC02Obsolete
SC3SC03Relay Board Kit for SCI
SC4SC048x8 Display Board for SCI
SC13SC13Relay Board Upgrade for SCI
SC21SC21Relay Board Kit (8 Relays)
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