Electronic Component Tester Kit Electronic Component Tester Kit Velleman Build your own electronic component tester. LCD display shows pin-out & other useful information for resistors, coils, capacitors, diodes, BJT, JFET, E-IGBT, D-IGBT, E-MOS, D-MOS... Electronics > Circuit Components > Printed Circuit Boards > Development Boards K8115 K8115 5410329656775 44.15 Quasar Electronics Limited

Electronic Component Tester Kit

Velleman K8115 - Electronic Component Tester Kit
Self-Assembly Soldering Kit
Velleman Project Kits Range

Build your own modern electronic component tester. LCD display shows pin-out and other useful information about resistors, diodes and many other commonly used component types.

Age: 13+

  • supported components:
    • BJT
    • JFET
    • E-IGBT
    • D-IGBT
    • E-MOS
    • D-MOS
    • resistors
    • coils
    • capacitors
    • diodes
  • auto shutdown
  • shows pin layout
  • dimensions: 137 x 60 x 30 (W x L x H)
  • resistance resolution: 0.1 Ohm (max. 50 MOhm)
  • capacitance range: 28 pF to 100 mF
  • inductance range: 0.01 mH to 20 H
  • standby current: 20 nA
  • power supply: 9 V battery
  • test current approx.: 20 mA
  • test speed: 2 seconds
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