Stereo Valve Amplifier (Black) Electronic Kit Stereo Valve Amplifier (Black) Electronic Kit Velleman K4040B Stereo Valve Amplifier (Black) SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit is an affordable high power valve amplifier for that sublime "valve sound"... Electronics > Audio > Audio Components > Audio Amplifiers > Power Amplifiers K4040B K4040B 5410329307578 View Offer Quasar Electronics Limited
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Stereo Valve Amplifier (Black) Electronic Kit

Velleman K4040B - Stereo Valve Amplifier (Black) Electronic Kit

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Ability Level 5: ProfessionalVelleman K4040B Electronic Kit ( Soldering Required)
Ability Level 5 : Professional
Velleman Project Kits Range

For most of us a high power valve amplifier is unaffordable. The K4040B Stereo Valve Amplifier (Black version) SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit changes that, so that now everybody can enjoy that sublime "valve sound". The sound of valves cannot be surpassed, neither by transistors nor FETs.

In the development process, special attention was given to the housing so that the expensive valves are displayed in a visually attractive manner. The Black version features a subtle black valve cover plate with rear mirrors.

The most vulnerable point of a valve amplifier are the output transformers; that's why we use ultra-linear and overrated output transformers (toroidal) to guarantee a rich bass response.

To extend the life of the precious valves, the amplifier has a switch-on delay so that the high voltage is switched on when the valves are warmed up.

As Velleman UK Main Dealer we can provide full support for your purchase if required.

  • pure valve sound with high-quality EL34 valves
  • high-quality black and chrome housing
  • chrome valve socket covers
  • black valve cover plate
  • easy bias adjustment with LED indication
  • removable bottom for easy access and service
  • high-quality capacitors and components
  • gold-plated input and speaker terminals
  • standby function
  • "soft-start" circuit for power transformer
  • output power: 2 x 90Wrms music power for loads of 4 or 8 ohm
  • power bandwidth: 15Hz - 40kHz (-3dB ref. 50W)
  • frequency range: 8Hz - 80kHz (-3dB ref. 1W)
  • harmonic distortion: 0.08% (1kHz / 1W) / 0.7% (1kHz / 90W)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: > 105dB (A-weighted ref. 90W)
  • channel separation: > 75dB (ref. 90W)
  • input impedance: 34Kohm
  • input sensitivity: 1Vrms at 95W
  • damping factor: > 10 (100Hz)
  • power: 115VAC or 230VAC / 500VA max.
  • weight: 17Kg
  • dimensions: 425 x 130 x 350mm (16.7" x 5.1" x 13.8")
  • Product format: SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit (KT Product Formats Info)
  • K4040B Illustrated Assembly Manual, English
  • K4040B Assembly Manual (EU)

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