RIAA Stereo Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit for MD Phono Pick-Ups RIAA Stereo Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit for MD Phono Pick-Ups
Low-noise RIAA/phono preamplifier is required for playing vinyl records and ensures that the signal is amplified and equalized, allowing it to be properly processed and passed as a line-level signal to the audio amplifier... Electronics > Circuit Boards & Components > Printed Circuit Boards > Development Boards WSAH2573 WSAH2573 WSAH2573 5410329733124 10.74 Quasar Electronics Limited
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RIAA Stereo Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit for MD Phono Pick-Ups

Whadda WSAH2573 (Velleman K2573) - RIAA Stereo Pre-Amplifier Electronic Kit for MD Phono Pick-Ups
Ability Level 2: ModerateSelf-Assembly Soldering Kit
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This Stereo RIAA Pre-Amplifier is a SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit for MD phono pick-ups.

The circuit uses a TL072 Low-Noise JFET-Input Operational Amplifier IC. These devices feature high slew rates, low-input bias and offset currents, and low offset-voltage temperature coefficient. The low harmonic distortion and low noise make the TL07x series ideally suited for high-fidelity and audio pre-amplifier applications.

The kit makes a good platform for upgrading. For example, you could change the TL072 supplied to a Burr Brown OPA2134 and make other component value tweaks for improved performance.

  • low noise
  • low power
  • supply voltage: 10 -30VDC / 5mA regulated
  • gain (1kHz): 35dB
  • input signal: 5 - 10mV
  • input impedance: 47Kohm
  • PCB dimensions: 44 x 65mm (1.7" x 2.6")
  • Suitable supply: K1823
  • Product format: SELF-ASSEMBLY electronic kit ( Product Formats Info)
  • K2573 User Manual
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