Four Train Sounds Four Train Sounds Quasar Electronics Why see your trains go round in silence when any model railway enthusiast can use this kit to bring life to their railway set... Electronics > Circuit Components > Printed Circuit Boards > Development Boards quasar_diy_sg1m SG01MKT 11.94 Quasar Electronics Limited

Four Train Sounds

Four Train Sounds
Four Train Sounds
Four Train Sounds
Four Train Sounds
SG01MKT - Four Train Sounds
Self-Assembly Electronic Kit (Soldering Required)

Ability Level 2: ModerateWhy see your trains go round in silence when any model railway enthusiast can use this kit to bring life to their railway set.

Produces four selectable train sounds:

  1. Whistle blowing (repeats 4 times)
  2. Level crossing bell (ding, ding, ding, ding)
  3. Clickety-clack noise of a train crossing a bridge or points
  4. Chugging sound plus the three sounds above played in sequence

The tiny COB PCB (16mm x 30mm) is small enough to fit inside many model trains. The sound can be triggered using the usual reed switch and magnet method. Two boards can be cascaded to produce a sequence of sounds from a single switch.

The kit includes a COB sound module, a motherboard for the supporting components, a 3" (75mm) diameter speaker, push switches, components and battery holder. Switch wire is not included (simple 2-core bell wire is fine).

N.B. This kit requires a reasonable level of soldering skill and it not recommended for beginners.

You can also purchase just the COB sound modules only without the additional components supplied in the kit.

Supply3 - 6V dc. 2 x AA battery holder supplied (battery Order Code 656.010)
Board Dimensions~ 33 x 23 x 15mm
Board ConnectionsSolder pads
Product FormatElectronic Kit (KT) Product Formats Info
DocumentationUser Manual
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SELF-ASSEMBLY Four Train Sounds Electronic KIT
Quasar SG01MKT - SELF-ASSEMBLY Four Train Sounds Electronic KIT
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