2-Channel Momentary, Toggle, Timer RF Relay Receiver, 12/24Vdc (Group 3) 2-Channel Momentary, Toggle, Timer RF Relay Receiver, 12/24Vdc (Group 3) Cebek Highly flexible 2-Channel 12/24Vdc powered 433.92MHz RF relay receiver module. Choice of Momentary, Toggling or Delay Timer operation modes for EACH channel. Reset inputs. Mains rated relays... Electronics > Circuit Components > Printed Circuit Boards > Development Boards TL-311 TL-311 41.57 Quasar Electronics Limited

2-Channel Momentary, Toggle, Timer RF Relay Receiver, 12/24Vdc (Group 3)

Cebek TL-311 (CTL311) - 2-Channel Momentary, Toggle, Timer RF Relay Receiver, 12/24Vdc (Group 3)
Pre-Assembled Module

The Cebek TL-311 is a highly flexible 2-Channel 12 or 24Vdc powered Momentary, Toggling/Latching or Timer RF relay receiver module.

Each relay output on this receiver board can be set individually to operate in the following modes:

  • MOMENTARY MODE: Relay turns on only while the transmitter button is held down and turns off 1 second after button is released
  • TOGGLING/LATCHING MODE: relay activates at the first push of the transmitter button and disconnects after a second push of the button
  • TIMER MODE: relay activates for a user adjustable on-time of between 0.1 and 132 Seconds. Timer is a non-cumulative retriggerable type. Any further button presses made while the timer is active will restore the full delay time (non-cumulative) without interrupting the relay. If no new triggers are received before the delay timeout is reached, the relay will turn off and the channel reset ready for a new trigger signal.

Reset Inputs: each channel has a reset input to immediately turn off (or disable) the corresponding relay output (all operating modes). Connect to a simple contact closure like a switch, manual over-ride button, etc. All channels are disabled if any of the reset inputs remain closed.

From our Group 3 range of 433.92MHz RF remote control modules - mix and match from a variety of receiver and transmitter options to suit your needs (see compatibility table below). Up to 5 Group 3 transmitters can be learnt by a receiver. Other unlearnt transmitters within range will be ignored.

Operating Voltage12 or 24Vdc
Current Consumption120mA
Suitable Power SupplyCFE103
Output2 x SPDT Relay
Maximum Output
Load (Resistive)
Up to 240Vac or 28Vdc @ 3 Amps max. (Relay Datasheet)
Relay ConnectionsNO, NC, C (Relay FAQ)
Output Channels2
Relay ActionMomentary, Latching or Timer (0.1 to 132 Seconds)
RF Frequency433.92 MHz
AntennaNot included - 130mm cable or Order Code C-0509
Board ConnectionsScrew terminal blocks
Product FormatPRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Product Format Info
Compatible GROUP 3 Transmitters
CTL3001-Channel Remote Control Transmitter, 25m
CTL3012-Channel Remote Control Transmitter, 25m
CTL3211-Channel Remote Control Transmitter, 100m
CTL3222-Channel Remote Control Transmitter, 100m
CTL3231-Channel Remote Control Transmitter, 300m
CTL3242-Channel Remote Control Transmitter, 300m
NB Only one channel will operate if you use a 1-channel transmitter with a 2-channel receiver. You can use a 2-channel transmitter with two 1-channel receivers (see User Manual for details). You cannot use multiple button presses or simultaneously use two transmitters if they are operating in range of one another (regardless of their coding).
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Cebek TL-311 (CTL311)
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