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PIC Microcontroller Projects

PIC Microcontroller Projects
PIC Microcontroller Projects

PIC Microcontroller Projects from our Electronic Kits & Modules range for industrial, professional, educational and hobby applications

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Velleman EDU10 - USB PIC Programmer and Tutor Board

Want to take your first steps into Microchip PIC programming or need a low cost USB programmer that can program all the devices a Microchip PICKIT2 programmer can? This tutorial project board is all you need! The tutor can help to get you started into the magic world of PIC programming...

£38.95 +VAT, £46.74 Inc
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman VM111 - ASSEMBLED PIC Programmer and Experimenter Board

This PIC Programmer and Experimenter Board is suitable for programming many 8, 14, 18 and 28-pin Microchip FLASH PIC microcontrollers. Test buttons and LED indicators to carry out educational experiments, such as the programming examples included.

£32.40 £29.95 +VAT, £35.94 Inc (Save 8%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman VM142 - Mini PIC PLC Application Module

Create your own custom application without the hassle of making the hardware. 4 buffered inputs, 5 buffered outputs. Features on-board LED, a relay output and a buzzer...

£21.95 +VAT, £26.34 Inc
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
Velleman VM207 - 64 LED RGB Matrix Module

Display dazzling, colourful, 2D or 3D, static or animated images and even video straight from your favourite microcontroller platform...

£32.99 +VAT, £39.59 Inc
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
AS3069KT - PIC Tutorial Digital LED Electronic Dice Kit

This educational kit brings together the classic LED Dice with a modern PIC16C54 microcontroller driven circuit used to replace the old logic and display drivers. Fully commented code so you can see exactly how it works...

£10.79 From £6.63 +VAT, £7.96 Inc (Save 39%)
3071KT - PIC Tutorial Dual Digital LED Dice Kit

Get an introduction to the world of PICs with this dual digital LED dice kit that generates two random dice values. Ideal for games and competitions where two dice are used. Full source code supplied...

£10.79 £7.46 +VAT, £8.95 Inc (Save 31%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
3075KT - PIC Microcontroller Trainer Kit (with 5 Functions)

Measure and display temperature and humidity, build a timer and counter, or do analogue to digital conversion with this 5 in 1 PIC trainer...

£41.63 £33.30 +VAT, £39.96 Inc (Save 20%)
In Stock (UK Warehouse3)
AS3081KT - Introduction To PIC Programming with CD-ROM

Learn assembler code programming from scratch using a PIC16F84A. Our Introduction To PIC Programming Tutorial Starter Kit ideal for those of you who are new to PIC microcontrollers...

£14.96 From £11.63 +VAT, £13.96 Inc (Save 22%)
AS3102KT - PIC Servo Motor Driver Electronic Kit

Simultaneously drive up to four servo motors using potentiometers as positioning controllers. Ideal project for the modelling enthusiast...

£14.96 From £11.63 +VAT, £13.96 Inc (Save 22%)
3168KT - EPE Ultrasonic Wind Speed Meter Kit

This solid-state design wind speed meter (anemometer) uses ultrasonic techniques and has no moving parts and does not need calibrating. It is intended for sports-type activities, such as track events, sailing, hang-gliding, kites and model aircraft flying...

£41.63 +VAT, £49.96 Inc
Out Of Stock
AS3169KT - 8-Ch Versatile PIC uC LED Flasher

Versatile 8 channel pseudo-random PIC based LED (or filament bulb) flasher. Can be used to flash from 8 to 176 LEDs. The user arranges the LEDs in any pattern they wish. 8 super bright red LEDs and 8 green LEDs included...

£13.29 From £11.30 +VAT, £13.56 Inc (Save 15%)
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